Night lamps play a vital role in anyone’s sleep quality. Some colours can disturb your sleep while some others help you fall asleep fast and in a natural way. So if you are struggling with sleeping well at night, we suggest you take expert help in changing your bedroom night light. Browse through our range of electrical items at Lyter and pick the one that suits you the best.

Is there any perfect night lamp color for sleep? 

Yes, there certainly is. Different wavelengths of lights impact our brains in different ways. Some experts say that since yellow light helps to produce the sleep hormone melatonin, it relaxes our brain. So a soft yellow light is a good pick for nighttime use. 

Not to mention, harsh lights during sleep time are something that no one should use. Doctors always say not to use any digital devices when you are in bed. The blue light that these digital devices emit is harmful to your eyes as well as for sleeping. So you must avoid digital devices at night or go for some soft light shades for your bedroom. 

However, it’s true that people have their individual choices when it comes to the sleep environment. There are some people as well who prefer an absolutely dark room for sleeping. Whatever may be your choice, picking the milder shade night lamp is always the best option.

Which mode of purchase should you opt for night lamps - online or offline? 

Both online and offline buying has their individual advantages and disadvantages. In-shop purchase lets you see the product before purchasing. So you get the chance to test the intensity of the light and see if it suits your needs. 

Again, while making online purchases, you mostly end up with cost-effective buying. You get to browse through multiple options, different colours and features are available at your fingertips. This option is limited to any in-shop purchases. There you have to visit the shops in person to see more options. Buy from the wide range of night bulbs from the top electrical wholesale online india