Nintendo possesses an official Animal Crossing: New Horizons island called "Ninten Island". The company often updates the city with new designs in accordance with the most recent updates.

Snow did start to fall amongst people in mid-December. Players started to see snow cumulate on bushes, plantlife, and buildings. Snowballs also began appearing and making a perfect "snow boy" would award players having a special snow-themed DIY. Various snow scenes are actually available to approach Ninten Island. Players can visit the city by setting up in a bed and drifting off in the Dream Island using the right code.

Ninten Island can also be a great place to determine which ACNH Hats are available. Some could have missed many of the furniture pieces or DIY, so they'll determine to buy next. Players go to see exactly what a "perfect" Snowboy seems like. The Ninten Island redesign comes just as the snow is falling on islands globally. Many islands have become seeing trees decorated with holiday lights. These trees might be shaken for any small opportunity to grab a range of colored ornaments.

The Winter festivities come prior to the annual Toy Day celebration later this month. On December 24, Kringle will again visit Animal Crossing and older players to assist. Players are going to be asked to offer presents to your islanders. The island residents have unique tastes, however, the player will probably be rewarded if they share the right gifts. The gifts are actually available, and players always begin collecting them now. 

The Toy Day celebration is just the latest special event. Unlike previous events, Nintendo slowly introduced new events in its monthly updates. These new updates and events give players a chance to appear every month. The next update will be carried out at the end of January and will roll out the fashionable peacock.