The Madden NFL series is undoubtedly the most famous football video game on the market right now. It's the only game currently licensed by the NFL, it's regularly released in the US, and everyone in the US knows it. Still, all the modern elements commonly seen in gaming videos aren't the game's best known, such as cross-platform play. With the release of the new game "Madden 23", players are hoping that this situation can change. If you want to change this, you can buy a lot of MUT 23 Coins on UTnice. We'll give you the best discounts, and at the same time, for those looking for a quick game, you can get the most MUT 23 Coins at the lowest prices in the market on

In addition, the game can provide players with an experience three days before the official release, which means that players can experience the new game three days before the official release of the game. However, there is no information about the cross-play features of "Madden 23". If the producer implements this feature, it will be a huge impact on other games, and we will update this page to provide players with more information on this.

So far, EA is the only company that doesn't make a lot of use of cross-play, even though cross-play has long been one of the most anticipated features in multi-platform video games, even their most popular video games. One of them, Apex Legends, hasn't shown any signs of getting the feature either.

It's not just Madden fans who want this game feature, including FIFA, the NBA, but also the NFL and racing will likely benefit from it. The only sign of optimism right now is that EA might include this feature for FIFA 23, which is the only thing to be happy about.

EA also explained in a report that this feature was limited in the early stages of development, but other functional assessments made up for this. During each week of becoming a free agent, each player can make 3 requests. After the request is triggered, all the systems will run and the system will allow players to accept or reject the contract, or make no decisions. You will have more time to contact a team and communicate. When you want to know your team better, you can choose to Buy Madden 23 Coins on UTnice and spend them to get the information you want. Buying MUT 23 Coins on UTnice is undoubtedly the best option.