Creative entrepreneurs promote improvements to customers without affecting digital transformation. If a business has a high volume of processes or tasks within Microsoft, Java, or web-based applications can use the RPA tool to automate these processes and can enhance business development. Blue Prism Online Training provides the best coaching, join here and enhance the knowledge.

Blue Prism Software

BLUE PRISM  provides an elastic, multi-talented, and multi-faceted digital workforce to support enterprise automation. More than 1000 companies around the world are using this RPA tool. This highly scalable digital workforce can be used on-site and in cloud applications. This platform also enables high performance, high availability, failure, and disaster recuperation, and addresses significant operational demand variations.

The main four elements are

1.Object Studio

2.Process Studio

3.Control Room

4.Release Manager

Object Studio

Can create a business process with a reusable Visual Business Object.

Process Studio

Enables the design, creation, modification, and testing of a reusable VBO business process.

Control Room

Helps in handling the process

Release Manager

Relocates and automatically releases and manages changes in the platform.

Features Of Blue Prism

Digital Exchange

The digital exchange of Blue Prism provides an ecosystem of technologies in making  RPA bots more intelligent. It gives direct access, resources to innovative, pre-constructed solutions and functions.  Drag & Drop function removes coding & development activities and provides a trouble-free experience.

Plug Access

Without codes and developments, business functions, such as process mining, document management, workflow, analytics,  cognitive and natural language processing, can be accessed via the technological ecosystem.

Multi Environment

This can monitor the business department and digital workers' processes in a single environment. This unique feature of Blue Prism RPA enables any organization that incorporates a true digital transformation approach to combine and compare the different processes, resources, and objects with a major RPA extension.


The Blue Prism software has a graphical user interface that can be used by the technology ecosystem partners to create artificial intelligence solutions. This is achieved through third-party Visual Business Objects. The VBO can then be dragged and dropped into business processes.

Advanced Scheduler

The advanced scheduler is one of the strong features that rely on resource pooling in Blue Prism. This architecture enables the creation of as many pools independently and the whole schedule remains up to date.

API Integration

Customers can access key automation software, including natural language processing, translation, and visual recognition through APIs with this new cloud integration. With the integration of API, one can process unstructured data from any source, such as an email.


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