Summer is a wonderful time to reel in ocean fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In January, 5 new fish swim to islands from the Southern hemisphere.

With winter just beginning inside the Northern hemisphere, and summer kicking off inside the Southern hemisphere, players should expect to find a few new fish starting January 1, 2021. No new fish arrive this month inside the Northern hemisphere, without fish will leave following January. Players within the Southern hemisphere will discover 5 new fish in January and lose one at the conclusion of the month. There are a total of 80 fish from the game. Of these, 31 total may be caught within the Northern hemisphere in January, and 58 may be caught inside the Southern hemisphere in January. Here's every new fish coming over to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in January.

The five new fish coming towards the Southern hemisphere in January are Sweetfish and Worth 900 bells each; Napoleon fish and worth 10,000 bells each; Puffer Fish and worth 250 bells each; Blue Marlin and worth 10,000 bells each; Ocean Sunfish and worth 4,000 bells each.

As is normal, players will have to make sure they've got a good fishing line and Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, either purchased or crafted, and can likely desire to craft some fish bait. The fish coming for the Southern hemisphere in January are just about all arriving inside the ocean, and tossing in fish bait will heighten the number of creatures that appear. While this won't guarantee anything, it may improve the probability of players reeling into two of the rarest and quite a few valuable fish in New Horizons: Napoleonfish and Blue Marlin.

Once the player donates the first new fish caught to the Blathers in the museum, they can sell the replica. You can also sell fish to Timmy and Tommy at Nook's Cranny shop, as long as he appears on the island, you can also sell them to CJ. He will always pay 30% more for each fish instead of the price players get from Nook's Cranny. Players in both hemispheres may see him participating in an upcoming fishing competition on January 9.