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Developing the Fudchef design system


With the exponential expansion in the food delivery industry, Developers of fudchef had a lot of structure and design obligation build-up for the product and the app. Our developers' primary concerns were that numerous pages, products, and components were inconsistent regarding UI and UX, making it difficult to sync them with each other. These kinds of issues happen when the apps' and interface pages and features are designed at different times by different designers with different contexts. 


We begin with designing essential bits of our design system like font, primary colors, restaurant pages, and icon set. Things got more exciting and tangible when we combined these atoms to form molecules like buttons, table cells, etc.

E-Commerce/food delivery app Fudchef


We will cover the end-to-end design, technology choices, and essential functional requirements that are required to build and maintain a food delivery app.


  1. Bringing Restaurant On-Boarding.

  1. Uploading food and delivery menu, submitted by Restaurant and later approved by the App admin.

3 Adding delivery costs according to various locations, discounts, promos, etc.

  1. Door-to-door delivery requires Driver selection who can be humble with the customers, real-time location update of order, etc.
  2. Roles, Security, and user registration as per their designation
  3. Alteration and make the app user-oriented based on user activity and location.
  4. Continually update customers about new offers and keep them engaging with the app.
  5. Integration and maintenance of streamlined payment gateways.
  6. Continuous review according to the customer's reviews.
  7. 10. Maintains the Order, cart, and Checkout cycle.
  8. Customer-friendly Support 
  9. B2C-oriented app design.
  10. Frequent generation of sales reports to keep track of the sales.