The plastic holder moulds industry is widely used in our lives, and in our home, or in the kitchen, electrical appliances, TVs, rice cookers, air conditioners, etc., different types of electrical appliances are applied to the plastic holder moulds industry specifications, Or the model is also different, the service life is long, and it can be used in a few years, but the premise is that the quality is good. If the quality is not good, it is impossible to use it for several years. When choosing a company, plastic holder moulds industry manufacturers are very important.

With the change of the times, it is becoming more and more intelligent now, and the effect of using electrical appliances is gradually becoming more prominent. What is the role of these sockets?

1. Plastic holder moulds industry sockets are divided into main control jacks and controlled jacks.

2. When it is static, that is, when the plastic holder moulds industry is not in use, the socket has no power output, and the working indicator of the socket is not on at this time, which is a state of no electricity. At this time, the electrodes in the socket are completely disconnected from the power supply, and the safety is relatively high.

3. After receiving the infrared signal, the plastic holder moulds industry will automatically turn on the power supply, and the electrical appliances can be used normally.

4. After the electrical appliance is turned off, the intelligent dual-core IC chip inside the socket will detect the current change online so as to realize automatic power off after a period of time (30s, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.). At this time, the work indicator on the plastic holder moulds industry is off. It can be restored to a powerless state.

5. The smart socket is equipped with the functions of lightning protection, overload protection, high voltage protection and leakage protection. Once there is an instantaneous lightning strike induced high voltage entering, the socket will automatically absorb the lightning induced high voltage, beyond the range that the socket itself can absorb, the smart socket will automatically power off; the plastic holder moulds industry set the rated voltage 220V, the maximum withstand voltage 250V- It will automatically cut off power between 265V, otherwise it will burn out the electrical appliance if it exceeds this voltage range; the socket uses an electronic coil to monitor the live wire in real time, once an overload occurs, the smart socket will automatically cut off power; Live wire and neutral wire current, once leakage occurs, the socket will automatically power off.

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