On July 31, 2022, the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Lekhpal exam will be held. If you plan to take the exam, so UP Lekhpal preparation advice 2022 will give you a thorough understanding of the subjects, help you to achieve your goals, and answer all of your questions. 


The UP Lekhpal Exam offers a desirable job profile, so competition is fierce among students as well. However, applicants who put forth consistent effort in the proper path will succeed. The candidates will benefit from the UP Lekhpal preparation advice by reviewing their principles and essential concepts as well as previously taught material. To receive the complete UP Lekhpal study plan and test preparation advice, read the entire post.


Subject Wise Preparation

A subject-specific preparation strategy is essential for the exam because it comprises in-depth planning and is created by professionals. It is very advised that applicants create a thorough study schedule that covers the whole UP Lekhpal syllabus in a set amount of time.


You must identify your areas of weakness and work on them using the subject-by-subject UP Lekhpal study method if you want to ace the UP Lekhpal Exam. Consequently, you will learn the finest exam preparation method, topical weighting, and professional advice in this article.


UP Lekhpal Preparation Strategy 

To design a successful study plan that would propel the applicants toward success, it is imperative for the candidates to plan ahead and proceed in the proper way. The effectiveness of preparation is crucial in determining the outcome. To help candidates create a successful plan, I have given some expert-structured UP Lekhpal preparation suggestions.


Focus on Basic Concepts

  • Students should concentrate on fundamental ideas of a particular subject in the UP Lekhpal exam.
  • Some questions on exam papers are repeated each year, therefore students should focus their study efforts on those questions first.
  • You will find some questions below:


  1. Which female freedom fighter participated in the first freedom struggle of 1857?

Ans. Begum Hazrat Mahal

  1. Which vitamin helps in blood clotting?

Ans. Vitamin K

  1. Which Articles cannot be suspended during the National Emergency?

Ans. Article 20 and 21

  1. Which GI-tagged product is the famous product of Gorakhpur district under the One District One Product Program?

Ans. Terracotta is a famous product of Gorakhpur district which has got GI tag.

  1. Where is the headquarters of the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Department located?

Ans. Lucknow


Set up a schedule.

  • Be careful to allot enough time for each subject.
  • Along with the revision schedule, practising with UP Lekhpal previous year's questions, and taking Mock Tests.
  • candidates should give more time to those topics in which they are lagging behind. 


Create Brief Notes

  • Prepare short notes that will assist the students in making last-minute revisions to their topics.
  • This will enable the students to cover every subject, and you may quickly review your brief notes at the last minute.
  • These brief notes will assist you in achieving the highest possible grade and in better comprehending the subject.


Here I am suggesting some tic tacs which you should use in these last minutes:-

  1. Attempt as many UP Lekhpal Mock Tests as possible to diminish your exam fear.
  2. Practice UP Lekhpal Previous Year Question Papers to know the difficulty level of the questions
  3. Go through the UP Lekhpal Sectional Tests to cover your strong and weak areas in these last days.


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