Ark: Survival Evolved players can play various roles in Studio Wildcard's action-adventure game. Survival is not an all-a quick look at the Ark: The SE subreddit reveals an incredible array of creatures whose fan base reproduced and built these settlements. Players can also make props in the game, if you want Buy ARK Dinos, Please choose Now, developers are experimenting with a new segment in their Community Crunch post, which aims to capture players' pranks as a metric to reveal their performance in the game.  

The studio announced:  In days gone by, the community has expressed curiosity about analytics, and we want to pilot a whole new segment called Last Week In Ark that highlights a normal analysis and statistics we collect within the backend. It's the latest Community Crunch post. In the first instance of this feature, Studio Wildcard provides some charts to provide you with a rough notion of ​​the number of kills brought on by wild dinosaur types and the volume of player kills brought on by weapon types on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.
These are only early ideas products Ark developers might capture, and they want to know which parts of the player's adventure the community would like to see become part of this feature. The article added: With this in mind if the community is interested, we will provide something. What kind of things do you want to see? Is there a specific metric that will interest you more? The sound rang, let us know! 

So far, players have been asking for a variety of different indicators, for instance how many eggs are hatched, the number of clones is cloned, and which dinosaur appears each week. But many players choose to Cheap Buy ARK Dinos. Others request things for example tamed top dinosaurs, and also characters created, common ways players die amongst gamers, competition, success, being consumed, etc.