Currently, Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers are difficult to obtain, including any specific role in the cat, rabbit, frog, squirrel, duck, or bear cub species. You can Cheap Buy Animal Crossing Bells at to exchange the specific you want.

This isn't good news for players searching for popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons the villagers are just like Raymond the cat, Marshall the squirrel, or Judy the bear cub. Even more difficult is always that New Horizons Island is only able to accommodate 10 villagers at a time. Once an island is full, players must wait until the villagers move away before there is a chance to meet new people.

Therefore, new players or players with restarted Animal Crossing island may like to delay inviting any villagers they find with their island. This will give the villagers of Animal Crossing to go on to spawn within the Mystery Journey and improve the chances of popular characters appearing.

To circumvent the struggle of randomly encountering the Animals Crossing the villagers, players can visit the fan site Nookazon at any time to purchase opportunities and invite specific villagers to their island. 

While it can be expensive, Raymond currently costs 5 million Bells to go home, which may be worthwhile for those who wish to perfect their village communities on the island through certain personalities or aesthetics. You can Cheap Buy ACNH Items if you don't have enough. However, some Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans may wish to leave it in a fateful encounter to make the villagers looking for the perfect more excited.