Important Highlights-

  • Microsoft claims the Edge browser to be the best performing browser on Windows 10.
  • The browser has been updated with startup boost and sleeping tabs.

The tech giant, Microsoft has claimed the Edge browser to be the best performing browser on Windows 10. The Microsoft team has been updating the browser with new features since last year for efficient functioning during its launch. In the clash of available web browsers, Microsoft has declared its Edge browser as the indisputable winner in terms of performance, whereas, Google too has launched its Chrome 91 browser today.

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In one of Microsoft Edge’s blog posts, the team states “Microsoft Edge will be the best performing browser on Windows 10 when Microsoft Edge version 91 releases later this week.” This can be claimed because of the startup boost and sleeping tabs, as per the Microsoft Edge team.

Microsoft Edge’s startup boost feature initially started dispersing out in March 2020 and it was expected to boost up the browser to launch up to 41 percent faster speed. The sleeping tab utility has been created to enhance the performance of the browser. This feature appeared in Edge, earlier this year. The Edge browser has now the capacity to automatically release system resources for inactive tabs. This enables the new tabs to work efficiently and keep the browser from hogging memory and CPU resources. Meanwhile, a separate performance mode for the Edge browser is also being tested.

Whereas, Google too has been looking to further the efficiency of its Chrome web browser and had added updates focusing on its performance. The updates include an advanced memory allocator to evade memory usage and advance the functioning of the browser. Chrome was last updated in the year 2020 with respect to its efficiency.

Microsoft unleashed its submission of 5,300 commits to the Chromium-based project, which would be benefitting Chrome and other browsers.

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