When the system is running, the dust flying with the wind will be effectively inhaled into the vacuum pipe network through the dust hood, but under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the inhaled dust will follow the air flow along the negative pressure. The lines are drawn into the dust collector. Then, firstly, the large particle dust will pass through the cyclone dust collector, and under the action of the cyclone and centrifugal force, it will fall into the dust collecting bucket under the machine; the dust with extremely light density will continue to move upward with the airflow. When the dust enters the filter chamber of the filter cartridge host, it will be separated by the filter, so that the clean air is discharged into the air from the exhaust outlet of the dust collector host through the muffler device. The dust on the filter will be completed by the system's automatic pulse back-flushing device with timed back-flushing alternate work. This is a principle of its work. It can be seen that the industrial purchase welding smoke extractor will play its own role when dealing with dust!

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