Tackling Issues of Data Privacy in Marketing Landscape


Let's explore the major marketing challenges in the new era of consumer privacy and discover guidance to help you overcome these issues. Marketers are obsessed with statistics. Over the last decade, customer data collection, usage, and regulation have evolved dramatically. It allows marketers to personalize campaigns and communications to the individual customer. This is termed data-driven marketing, and it won’t be possible without tackling issues of data privacy in marketing landscape.


What is Data Privacy? - Data privacy refers to the secure management and utilization of user data. There are three major data security issues that data privacy addresses: how entities collect and store user data; if they share user data with third parties; and regulatory privacy laws. While this is a basic list of the various elements contained in digital privacy, it gives you a decent understanding of the types of data that your organization is likely already using for marketing analytics.


However, there is a negative side to data availability that marketers are increasingly being forced to confront: data privacy. Companies are changing how they gather and manage customer data as a result of new laws, regulations, and efforts designed to protect user data and adhere to local data laws. Digital platforms including websites and even performance popular apps understand that consumer opinion is responsible for the heightened focus on data privacy and security. 


How Has Data Privacy Affected Marketing Today? - All the latest reforms in data privacy have had a largely negative impact on marketing teams. Privacy compliance is a primary concern for marketers across all marketing channels. Part of this process is ensuring that the proper procedures and protocols are observed to keep customers advised of how their sensitive data is managed. Consumers have become increasingly interested in how their personal information is used and how much of it they are willing to divulge. 


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