It is only possible to utilize Leapstone as a way to increase the value of items after you've reached Level 1415 Buy Lost Ark Gold.

When your Fused Leapstone fails to upgrade the item the Artisan's Power is not going to increase.

The most efficient method to acquire Leapstone is from Valtan, the Demon Beast Commander, Valtan.

One thing to keep in mind is that , if you are planning to play the Valtan Legion Raid, you must complete the "Resurrected Lord of Destruction' quest first to unlock it. The most effective way to use Fused Leapstones in the game is to use them in upgrading your items in addition to Honing.

Honing is the most efficient method of upgrading your equipment even if you don't own a Fused Leapstone in your inventory. Honing is available once you've reached the 50th level of the game.

What is Bot Farming to do in Lost Ark

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Auto Quest

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