Top RPA Companies in the world 2022


RPA is expected to transform the business industry with its intelligent automation capabilities and adding agility to the business processes. With these and other such best RPA tools and solutions, organizations can empower their employees to focus on the more important tasks over mundane activities! Let's take a look at the Top RPA companies in the world.


Power Automate – Microsoft - Microsoft being a global leader in IT solutions and smart technology provider, offers RPA services via Power Automate. Power Automate also has a mobile application which can be used by customers to create as well as manage workflows on their mobile devices. Its AI-driven features can further make the automation more efficient and smarter by delivering enhanced workflows and pre-built models. Power Automate by Microsoft helps organizations in streamlining repetitive tasks as well as paperless processes to accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of the tasks and workforce.


UiPath - Known as the world’s leading RPA software company, UiPath is the first platform that offers hyper automation with software robots. UiPath helps businesses in making space for agility and resilience with speedy software robots that can remove the burden of mundane tasks from the shoulders of the workforce, all with one platform. ML models can be applied to the bots for analysis and recognition, making UiPath the go-to solution provider for enterprise process automation and related challenges, needs. The AI-powered environment helps in making the significant processes scannable, measurable, and up for automation. 


Another Monday - Another Monday, now a part of Hyland, is a leading RPA software developer, known for its future-rich and end-to-end RPA solutions. It does so by analyzing and understanding the processes of organization that need to be automated to create predefined workflows and bots. Another Monday is an all-in-one solution that can be integrated across solutions in the organization. The bots can then be left unattended to carry out the tasks and can also be managed with the company’s management solution. During bot development, automation can be done almost instantly and with great precision. 


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