Martech Interview with Katya Vakulenko on Digital Marketing


Katya Vakulenko, Founder, Soup Agency talks in an Martech interview on Digital Marketing about the top digital marketing metrics to measure this year and what traits every marketer must have in this digital age. Having a catchy subject line is the first factor that impacts email CTRs as you want viewers to want to open the email in the first place.


Top Digital Marketing metrics to measure this year


– CTRs

– Conversion Rate

– Web Traffic

– Open Rates on Emails

– Engagement (like, shares, comments)


– Landing Page Views

– Cost per lead


Every good marketer can be creative, accountable, and organised. Nowadays, I look for people who are driven to learn and being able to adapt to new changes because marketing is ever-changing. Another trait every marketer must possess are strategic thinking and the ability to problem solve because marketing is a trial and test process to discover the right audiences and how to successfully reach them. Like an email marketing campaign, it is important for the CTA to be attention grabbing and clear, in bold dark colours and focus on one CTA so your viewers are not choosing between different options.


About Katya Vakulenko - Katya has built a successful career in the Digital Marketing space by devoting her time to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals, whatever they may be. As an accomplished female founder, businesswoman, mentor, and guru of all things digital, Katya maintains a strong presence and influence in the female entrepreneurship and startup space, as well as Australia’s digital marketing landscape.


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