I believe you have learned from friends or the Internet that compared to other lighters, plasma lighters are more reliable, safer and better for the environment. Now, you want to buy one yourself, but don't know where to start.

The first thing you should do before doing your search is to properly research these lighters. You can try reading reviews of some of the best models on the market today, or even watch videos online if you still don't believe their reviews. Instead of wasting money blindly by buying things that don't meet your standards, you should be trying to complete a flawless shopping experience.

As you start to learn more about plasma lighters, you will naturally wonder which makes and models are worth buying. Here are some buying factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a plasma lighter.

1.The strength of the lighter

Plasma lighters can produce flames up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,500 degrees Fahrenheit in some cases). The lighter is more popular than the regular candle lighter, and is actually ten times stronger than its ancestor, the butane gas lighter. For safety reasons, be careful not to hold your hands too close when examining these items.


Not all plasma lighters look the same as some are designed from scratch while others look like regular metal lighters. What you choose will ultimately depend on your preferences, which are different for everyone. Also, some models are too bright at night due to the backlight feature.

3.External materials

The most common exterior materials for plasma lighters are metal alloys and stainless steel. Still, there are rubbers and plastics, which are common for both disposable and rechargeable types. Of course, the ultimate goal here is to find a product made of durable materials, especially with an extended warranty.

4.Charging time

Since plasma lighters use batteries as their power source, you will naturally need to determine how long they will take to fully charge for convenient use. Fast and efficient charging times are always more applicable due to convenience.


This may not be an important factor, but size can matter, depending on who will be using it and where. The downside of buying a larger lighter model is that you need two hands to operate it, which is not ideal if you don't have much free space, such as at work or school, unless the place allows smoking in their premises.

6.Battery life

Plasma lighters run on batteries that are consumed when this plasma arc or arc is created. Depending on the make and model you want to buy, you can get either disposable or rechargeable batteries. Either way, for your convenience, be sure to check the age of each battery before replacing it.


Never forget to check what kind of warranty came with your purchase, especially if you buy online. Because most items with a warranty only last about 30 days, while others are covered for 12 months or more.


Before buying a plasma lighter, you should always consider how much you are willing to spend, as it affects your budget as well as the product itself. While most of them are more expensive than gasoline and other traditional lighters, the cheaper models often don't work as efficiently, especially if they use disposable batteries or can only be recharged about 100 times, which is only about a month's worth of use .

9.Additional Features

Plasma lighters are mainly used to light cigarettes. Some brands have extra accessories like ashtrays (for smokers who want to put out their cigarettes properly without wasting time looking for empty cans or similar) and cigar punches (to cut cigars). It's always a plus if you find a lighter with these features, so it's worth checking out the product's details before buying.

USB rechargeable plasma lighter

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