Like any other device, lighters have changed a lot over time. Originally, the old flint sparks and butane sparks were popular. However, zippo lighters later became famous. At present, we have entered a new era of lighters - plasma lighters. This completely changed the rules of the game. What is the magic of plasma lighters, more and more people are deeply attracted by it and cannot extricate themselves. What are the advantages and features of plasma lighters over other lighters. Next, let us understand a few reasons to buy a plasma lighter.

1. No need to add fuel

One of the benefits of a plasma lighter is that it doesn't require fuel such as gasoline or butane, and it only takes an hour or two to charge to use it. You never have to worry about running out of fuel or having to refill the lighter.

2. The plasma lighter is windproof

In bad weather conditions, especially in heavy rain, wind or humidity, it is very difficult for ordinary lighters to catch fire. In this case, a windproof lighter may be the only option. The plasma lighter ignites the target by the electric arc, no open flame is produced, and the strong wind does not affect its work at all.

3. It is flameless

Plasma lighters are flameless because their illumination is caused by the plasma arc. Even though it is flameless, it heats the target efficiently.

4. Environmental safety

Compared with traditional lighters and matches, plasma lighters are more convenient, safer and faster to light candles, stoves, fireworks, etc. And plasma lighters are eco-friendly, buying a plasma lighter is a convenient way to reduce the rubbish and waste that keeps accumulating in landfills and nature. Using it will help you play your part in making society sustainable and environmentally friendly.

5. It is rechargeable

The plasma lighter has a built-in large-capacity battery, which does not require frequent charging of the lighter, and has good battery life. A single charge should keep the device powered for about a week of use or at least 200 ignitions.

The USB cable can be connected to sockets, computers, power banks and other power sources. It is equipped with a power indicator to display the remaining power of the lighter in real time, reminding you when to charge.

6. More efficient ignition

Plasma lighters can produce flames up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,500 degrees Fahrenheit in some cases). When the arc of the plasma lighter contacts the combustible material, it will rapidly generate heat and ignite the combustible material. No open flame, it will not burn your fingers when using it, nor will it produce harmful gas.

7. They are durable

Plasma lighters are made of high-quality materials, so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Also, they come with warranty service. So if there is any problem with your lighter, we will provide free warranty.

8. They are stylish

The plasma lighter produces a cool blue arc when it works, giving people a full sense of technology experience. Common plasma lighters also have a double arc design, where the two arcs cross to form an exposed ignition shock, which will increase the ignition area and speed. Plasma lighters come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the one that best suits your personality.

9. They are easy to use

Just slide the switch to create a beautiful arc, the plasma lighter has a comfortable feel and a stylish look, ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. With a streamlined design style, ignition has never been easier and more elegant.

10. They make great gifts

Not just invented for smoking, the plasma lighter is the perfect gift for any smoker or non-smoker. They're cool, durable, and easy to use, as well as other powerful and versatile features for a variety of applications.

A handy lighter is one of the must-have tools to help you in every situation. Whether you are at home or camping, a plasma lighter will be your lifesaver. The plasma lighter is versatile and is a compact device that fits easily in your pocket. Owning these lighters will make your life and travel more comfortable.

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