TPU cable, referred to as thermoplastic polyurethane cable, is a kind of wire and cable made of TPU particles. Its application in cables is mainly on cable sheaths. In recent years, TPU is gradually replacing pvc and chloroprene rubber in cables. Almost the first choice for industrial connections, due to its excellent mechanical properties, abrasion and chemical resistance, it is suitable for harsh environments.

Polyurethane elastomers have excellent abrasion resistance, with the smallest wear of all elastomers including rubber. In addition, polyurethane has high strength, excellent oil resistance, bending resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-microbial, anti-ultraviolet, excellent low temperature resistance (low temperature flexibility), good weather resistance, all these characteristics increase the cable's durability and longevity.

It is the material of choice for cable jackets in some environmentally demanding applications. Such as cables that must be spooled, stored, and unwound outdoors in extreme weather conditions, or those that need to be hauled over rocky ground, over desert or ice, or dipped in water, or cables that require winding and special physical treatment.

TPU Sheathed Cable

Application of TPU cable

TPU cables are mainly used for power energy cables, communication cables, geographic exploration cables, automotive cables, submarine cables, industrial cables, other: spring wires, retractable wires, video and audio cables, medical, USB connector cables.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Cable, Odometer Cable, Automotive Communication Cable. About 85A hardness, hydrolysis resistance, elasticity and flexibility; matte surface, heat resistance.

2.Geographical Exploration Cables:

Geophone cables, oilfield exploration cables, land/ocean exploration cables. 85A-89A hardness, hydrolysis resistance, good flexibility, wear resistance; low temperature resistance.

3.Electronic related cables:

Headphone cable, mobile phone charger cable, audio cable, cigarette lighter cable, USB cable, telephone cable, computer accessory cable. 70A-90A polyethers, not necessarily elastic and flexible; delicate matte surface.

4.Medical Device Cables:

ECG cable, blood oxygen detection cable, massager cable, electrode lead cable. Polyether type, extruded TPU, soft specification, good elasticity and flexibility.

5.Energy and Industrial Cables:

Train/subway/offshore/military cables, wind power cables, equipment cables, mining cables, computer numerical control cables, power energy cables. 78A-90A, generally polyether, elasticity and flexibility, weather resistance, halogen-free flame retardant.

6.Telecom and communication cables:

Fiber optic cables and data lines.

TPU sheathed cables manufacturer

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