Conductive wire without insulating sheath is called bare conductor. Bare conductive wire is divided into two types: single-stranded wire and multi-stranded stranded wire, which are mainly used for outdoor overhead lines. Bare conductors are conductors made of fine copper, aluminum, steel and other metal materials into wires, strips, and flat conductors.

Bare conductors are mainly used as conductive cores for various wires and cables, such as round single wires, flat wires, copper stranded wires, aluminum stranded wires, and as conductive parts in electrical equipment such as motors, electrical appliances, and transformers, such as bus bars, ladder row, special-shaped row and flexible wiring, etc.

According to the shape and structure of the product, bare conductors can be divided into round single wire, stranded wire, shaped wire and flexible wiring.

Round single line

Round single wire includes: round copper single wire, tinned round copper soft single wire, round aluminum single wire, round aluminum alloy single wire, round copper clad steel single wire and round aluminum clad steel single wire.

The tensile strength of the hard wire is twice as large as that of the soft wire, the semi-hard wire has a certain tensile strength and elongation, and the soft wire has a high elongation. Hard wires are mainly used for overhead wires, semi-hard wires and soft wires are mainly used for the cores of wires, cables and magnet wires, or other electrical products.

Tinned round copper flexible single wire has good corrosion resistance and welding performance. Mainly used for wire, cable core and shielding layer and electrical appliances.

The round copper-clad steel single wire has high tensile strength, and the corrosion resistance is similar to that of copper and aluminum. Silver-plated copper-clad steel wire has great advantages in high-frequency communication. Used for overhead conductors, carrier lightning conductors for communications, large span conductors and high temperature wire cores.

Shaped wire

Shaped wire include: hard flat copper wire, hard flat aluminum wire, soft copper busbar, hard copper strip, soft copper strip, trapezoidal copper bar and aluminum tram wire.

The mechanical properties of copper, aluminum flat wire and busbar are the same as round wire. The structural shape of the busbar and the flat wire is rectangular. Copper and aluminum flat wires are mainly used to manufacture coils of motors and electrical appliances. Copper and aluminum busbars are mainly used for confluence, and can also be used for other electrical products.

Silver copper alloy row has better wear resistance, better mechanical strength and hardness than copper. Commutator segments for water coolers, transformers and DC motors.

Copper-aluminum alloy tram lines are mainly used for electrical transportation overhead lines, electrified railways, and urban tram overhead lines.

Flexible wiring

Flexible wiring includes: copper brush wire, copper stranded wire, soft copper braided wire and copper antenna.

Copper flexible wiring has the characteristics of softness, vibration resistance and bending resistance. Mainly used as brush connecting wire, used as lead wire, ground wire, lead wire of rectifier and thyristor, as well as connecting wire of small electric furnace and electrical equipment and communication overhead transceiver antenna.

What is ACCC Overhead Bare Conductor

ACCC Conductor utilizes a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core embedded in a high-performance thermoset epoxy matrix. The carbon fiber core is ~50% stronger and 70% lighter than steel. The lighter weight structural core allows the incorporation of 28% more conductive aluminum without a weight or diameter penalty (using compact trapezoidal shaped strands). The carbon fiber core also exhibits a coefficient of thermal expansion about one-tenth that of steel, which serves to mitigate thermal sag. To date, over 100,000 km of the ACCC Conductor have been installed at over 800 projects in 50+ countries.

ACCC Conductor consists of a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core which is wrapped with trapezoidal shaped aluminium strands. The high strength structural core carries most of the conductor's mechanical load, while the fully annealed aluminium strands carry all of the conductor's electrical current. ACCC Conductor's composite core is much lighter and stronger than conventional or high-strength steel core.

ACCC Overhead Bare Conductor

ACCC Overhead Bare Conductor Manufacturer

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