Wire rod mill (laying head) is a rolling mill specially used for rolling wire rod. Wire rod is the product with the smallest interrupted surface size of the profile.

In the production of high-speed wire rod mills, the quality of the coils discharged from the laying machine is often unsatisfactory, that is, the coils often have non-standard shapes, strange shapes, and uneven tiling in the air.

high-speed wire rod mill-laying head

1. The reason for the laying tube

(1) If the laying tube is not well formed or installed in an improper position during processing, it will lead to changes in the spatial curve of the laying tube and the running trajectory of the wire, and the speed and force of the wire in the laying tube will change, and the Greatly reduce the service life of the laying tube.

(2) The wear on the inner wall of the laying tube changes the running track of the wire in the laying tube, resulting in poor circle shape, and in severe cases, the vibration value of the eccentric laying machine of the laying disc will increase. According to experience, a spinning tube should be produced with wires of different specifications, so as to ensure a certain degree of uniformity of the spinning loop, and greatly reduce the production cost.

(3) The accumulation of iron oxide scale in the laying tube hinders the operation of the wire rod, and the laying circle is disordered.

2. The reason for the spinning disc

The mass eccentricity of the laying head is the main cause of the vibration of the laying head. Because the laying machine works in the sub-resonance region, it is known from the vibration theory that the amplitude of the system will increase with the increase of the working frequency at this time, and the higher the rotational speed, the greater the amplitude. The laying machine is equipped with a vibration alarm. When the vibration value of the laying machine reaches a certain value, the alarm will be tripped, which will seriously restrict the production.

Wear of the spinning disc When the disc surface is deformed by buckling or the wear is large, due to the abnormal contact between the coil and the disc surface, the forward direction of the coil deviates, and the phenomenon of bouncing easily occurs, so that the shape and pitch of the coil are disordered. Secondly, if the outer circular surface (circumferential surface) of the laying disc is worn too much, the gap between the outer circular surface and its shield will increase, and the air flow generated by the high-speed rotation of the laying machine will fluctuate violently, resulting in abnormal changes in spinning conditions.

Speed matching of finishing mill, wire rod and laying machine According to the E-Funk forward slip formula, it can be known that the speed of wire rod is greater than the linear speed of the exit roll of the finishing mill. And because the actual situation is more complicated, changes such as steel temperature, friction, roll diameter and tension will cause changes in the forward slip value. Therefore, in order to achieve the most stable laying, it is necessary to ensure that the speed of the laying machine is slightly higher than the speed of the finishing mill and slightly lower than the actual speed of the wire, so as to meet the consistency of the speed calculation results.

Wire rod mill (laying head) factory

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