The difference between the laser flashlight and the general laser pointer and the stylus is that its shell is similar to the ordinary flashlight, the volume is larger, and the power is usually larger. The visible laser is designed as a portable, hand-held, laser module (diode) processing pen-shaped transmitter. Laser flashlights belong to semiconductor lasers, which are different from laser pointers because their volume is easier to dissipate heat. The laser module is in direct contact with the aluminum flashlight shell. Generally, the flashlight module is relatively thick and has better heat dissipation, so the stability is better than that of the laser pointer (the laser pointer is a copper shell).

Application scenarios of laser flashlight

1. It is used for field exploration. Field travelers, climbers, and explorers can use laser flashlights to indicate distant targets and send out distress signals.

2. It is used for astronomy to refer to stars. The green laser beam is a very beautiful green line. As an astronomy enthusiast, this is great for stargazing at night, as it accurately indicates the position of the stars.

3. It is used to accurately indicate or measure buildings at a long distance. For mines and construction workers, they can clearly see the road ahead and avoid approaching dangerous areas.

4. It is used to explain the instructions of distant attractions, suitable for tour guides.

5. The laser flashlight can also be used for the command of the emergency repair site in emergency situations such as firefighting, floods, earthquakes, etc.

The power of laser flashlights is generally very large, so be careful when using them. And most of the high-power laser pointers have the function of burning, so you must pay attention to safety during use.

Do not shoot directly into the human eye, as the laser can cause retinal damage and even blindness. Protective glasses can be worn during use to prevent eyes from being affected by strong high-power lasers, causing discomfort and injury. Also, do not directly irradiate flammable and explosive materials, as it is very easy to cause combustion and explosion.

In order to avoid burning out the laser flashlight. Be careful not to install the battery upside down. If it is not used for a long time, be sure to take out the battery and place the laser flashlight in an anti-static and moisture-proof place. To avoid accidental injury, please keep away from children.

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