As soon as the subject becomes interested in the object, the subject of his study appears. When determining, the question is asked: what are we going to study, what properties or processes should be deeply understood? Within the framework of one object, there can be many research subjects. It depends on what kind of science it is being studied. It is one of the angles of view from which the object is viewed.

This is the aspect of acquiring new knowledge that provides scientific novelty. Primary school students can be considered in terms of knowledge gained, health status, relationships with peers. Accordingly, the subject of research that you order on custom writing services can be:

  • studying the degree of assimilation of knowledge by primary school students;
  • changes in the state of health during the period of education of children in primary school;
  • analysis of conflict situations in the relationship of young schoolchildren.

The subject includes the properties and characteristics that must be studied to solve any problem, highlighting the feature as the subject of study. Any one side of the subject is learned (its characteristics are given), or the process is investigated from several sides. A subject has boundaries within which the subject is studied. Since the subject is an integral part of the object, both of them should sound in the title of the topic. It is directly related to the theme of the work.