This post showed how to install a Canon printer using Ij.start.cannon. Wired and wireless networks were connected on Windows and Mac.


Ij.start.cannon Printer Setup (Wireless) on Windows


To install the printer driver, visit Ij.start.cannon setup.

Activate the Canon printer and check the cord.

After opening the driver setup file, go to "Wireless Setup."

After selecting wireless, hit the Canon printer's WiFi button.

When you're done, click OK.

Then click Device Settings>LAN Settings.

Click "OK" on LAN Settings>Wireless Lan Setup. Your printer will try to connect.

Start your WiFi router. The printer's WiFi light blinks.

Then, a network list appears. Click 'OK' after selecting your WiFi network.

Now, enter your WPA/WEP key (WiFi password).

Press 'OK' after entering your password.

Soon, your printer will connect to WiFi.

Following the instructions above should help you set up Canon ij wifi on your Windows PC.


Steps to add a printer to Windows:


Select "device and printer" from the "control panel."

Check for a green checkmark next to your printer. If not, click 'Add printer'.

On-screen list of available printers. Drop-down menu to choose Canon printer.

Allow your printer to be recognized.

Installing a printer yields a green checkmark.


Installing an printer via USB on Windows -


Install the Canon printer driver from http://Ij.start.cannon.

USB-connect the printer to Windows.

Launch Windows' "Control panel" from "Run"

Choose 'Devices and Printers' Now check your printer.

Click 'Add printer' if your printer isn't shown.

Finally, your printer works.


Canon ij Start Mac printer installation


Install the driver from

Connect your Canon printer to your smartphone's WiFi network by following the first section of this article.

Select 'System Preferences' from 'Apple'

Click "Printers and scanners" in System Settings.

Clicking the "+" sign in the bottom left corner opens a pop-up window.

Linked printers display in the left window. Click it to install.

Your printer will have a green checkmark when it's ready to use.




This article explains how to install a Canon printer on a Mac using http//Ij.start.cannon mac setup. This works for wired and wireless connections. It's compatible with Windows and Mac. We installed a printer on a Mac using the http://Ij.start.cannon mac setup.


Ij.start.cannon Setup for Windows (Wireless).


Follow these steps to wirelessly connect your printer.


To get the Canon printer driver, visit http://Ij.start.cannon mac setup and input the printer model number.

Follow the on-screen instructions after double-clicking the driver file.

Click 'Rub' when a security warning appears to run the software.


Next, select 'Wireless LAN Connection'


Release the Canon printer's WiFi button after the alarm lamp flashes twice.

On the Canon printer interface, select 'Menu' and 'Device Settings'

Menu>Device Settings>LAN Settings>Wireless LAN Setup, then OK.

Now, your printer will connect to a router.

Select your wireless network name using the printer's 'OK' button.

Next, enter WPA Key (WiFi password).

Ij.start.cannon Setup requires a wireless printer.


Next, we'll check if your printer is added to Windows for wireless and wired connections.


Type 'Control Panel' in Windows' 'Run' box and click 'OK'

Click "Devices & Printers" on the control panel.

If you've added your printer, a green checkmark will appear.

Click 'Add Printer' if your printer isn't shown.

List available printers. After selecting Canon, click 'OK' After a few seconds, your Canon printer will have a 'Green Check Mark' in 'Device and Printer.'

Canon IJ printer is wirelessly connected to Windows.


Ij installs Canon IJ Wired (USB) on Windows.


Follow these procedures to connect your Canon IJ printer to Windows via USB.


Start the PC and Canon printer.

Install the Canon printer driver using the http://Ij.start.cannon mac setup.

USB cord to the printer, PC.

Add a printer in Control Panel>Device settings>Add a printer.

Your printer works.


Canon IJ setup Mac (Wireless)


Follow these steps to set up http//ij.start.Canon mac.


When prompted, enter canon http//Ij.start.cannon mac setup.

Model and OS of your Canon ij Printer (MAC)

To open a saved file, double-click it.

Connect your Canon IJ printer to a WiFi network by following the first section of this article.

"Apple" menu, "System Preferences."

Select "printers and scanners."

Add a printer by clicking '+' A pop-up window displays your printer's name.

To manually add a printer, click 'Add'.

Your printer will be wirelessly connected to your Mac in seconds.


Procedures hardware


Finish your device's hardware setup before continuing.

As directed, unbox your printer.

Turn on your printer after connecting the power cord.

Control panel settings include language, date, location, and time.




This article explains how to install and use a Canon printer. We addressed connecting a Canon printer to a Windows or Mac laptop through USB or WiFi. We provide step-by-step directions for http//Ij.start.cannon Mac installer. Have trouble configuring your printer? Call our toll-free helpdesk.