Jason Miller released this alternative to React js, Preact under the MIT open-source license. Preact may be thought of as a lightweight and best framework for Reactjs alternatives, similar to the React library, for constructing mobile or web applications and progressive web apps PWA.

Preact was not designed to be an alternative to Reactjs but for or a reimplementation of React. Hence, this as one of the top React js frameworks, uses the same API and ECMA script as React but is more lightweight.

However, most reusable Reactjs alternatives components may be used with Preact and the compatibility layer. You can use both of these libraries or switch between them as needed for your project. 

Experienced development companies have specialized testers to assure the quality of your product. However, when you hire react developers who freelances, then this might not be much reliable. Since freelancers write and test codes by themselves. This can lead to major issues in terms of quality assurance.

Because of its components and usability, Reactjs alternatives remain at the top react js frameworks of the market. Still, you can do the same with Preact, which has the extra benefit of super-fast speed and performance. Preact now has 31.6k Github stars and 1.8k forks.

Pros of this Alternative to ReactJS:

  1. It's small, accurate, and light (3KB), thus your app will run quicker.
  2. Preact makes use of the ES6 API, which allows you to swiftly transition your application from Reactjs alternatives to Preact.
  3. You may also use this alternative to React js as a library to create stunning user interfaces for your projects.
  4. Business people may easily create new projects using the official CLI without the hassle of configuring Babel and Webpack.
  5. To begin with application development, developers can consult the Preact manual and official website samples.
  6. Along with all of React's enhancing features, the Preact library also includes some unique features, such as the LinkedState.

Cons of this Alternative to React JS:

  1. You do not receive context assistance from this alternative to React js.
  2. The createClass method is not supported for your app's stateful functionality.
  3. Preact only supports ES6 classes and stateless components.
  4. This alternative to React js is unconcerned with React propTypes.
  5. Because the community is tiny, rapid assistance may be unavailable at times.
  6. Preact lacks originality and essentially imitates React.

PReact vs. React:

API: The Preact is one of the best frameworks for Reactjs alternatives which provides just a small portion of the React Application Interface capability. Furthermore, Preact does not have all of the React functionalities.

Size: As previously stated, React is 5.3 KB in size, but Preact is just 3 KB. Preact is much lighter than React.

Performance: Because Preact is lightweight, it is quicker than React apps.