HP Inc. released HP Wolf Security a few months ago for enhanced print services and solutions, allowing IT departments to boost workforce productivity. It helps in protecting data and corporate networks.


HP presented a Flexworker offering, Internet Printing for Universal Print, as part of these enhancements through HP Secure and HP Advance Print compatibility from Microsoft.

HP Inc General Manager and Global Head, Print Services and Solutions, George Brasher, said that over the past year, security had seen significant acceleration and the current business transformation trends around cloud, adding that, in this hybrid world, we see businesses requiring flexible and scalable printing solutions with manageable and secure features.


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What is HP Wolf Security

From the secure PCs and Printers maker, HP Wolf Security is the latest type of endpoint security. HP Wolf Security gives comprehensive resiliency and endpoint protection extends across software and services and starts at the hardware level. HP’s endpoint-focused security services and portfolio of hardware-enforced security are designed to help organizations securing PCs, people and printers from circling cyber predators.


New Flexworker Offering

The New Flexworker offering from HP is part of HP Wolf Enterprise Security Services. With this new extended Managed Print Service, IT departments can arm hybrid workers with company-approved and secure printers to improve productivity at home. For hybrid workforces, this offering is a scalable cloud-based print service.

HP delivers an automated enterprise-managed print experience by utilizing MPS ecosystems and the HP Instant Ink, and it adds the device security features and monitoring and technical support, financing, centralized billing, and reporting experience.

For continuous monitoring and automatic remediation in compliance with corporate policies fall, Flexworker provides 15 essential security settings enterprises visibility on devices and uses Security Manager. HP also introduced an integrated platform for print, capture and output management that’s secure Internet Printing through HP Advance.


Additionally, before you print a document, HP Secure Print compatibility with Universal Print adds a security layer by needing authentication. 

With the work from home, the environment is taking place, and so HP is expanding Flexworker to add choosing LaserJet Enterprise 400 series models - HP LaserJet Managed E40040dn and the HP LaserJet Managed MFP E42540f. This series is the smallest enterprise-class printer series and the world’s most secure printing experience with seamless remote management and offers HP Wolf Security.


Availability -

  • The expected date for HP Advance Internet Printing hasn’t come yet.
  • August 2021 is an expected month for visibility into up to 15 security settings to be part of Flexworker.
  • Universal Print compatibility of HP Secure Print from Microsoft would be available in July 2021.  
  • HP LaserJet Managed E40040dn, and HP LaserJet Managed MFP E42540f are expected to be Flexworker’s part by July 2021.

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