Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy is a way of opening up the body's golden pathway to absorb oxygen at high speed, reaching deep into the cells, enhancing their biological functions and promoting the healthy functioning of tissues and organs. The oxygen enters the body, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is increased, the physiological mechanisms of the organs and tissues are improved, the meridians are opened and the vitality of the body is enhanced. Hyperbaric oxygen is not just a rehabilitation or complementary treatment, but also a basic treatment.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is no substitute for drugs

1. Etiological treatment  

The corrective effect of hypoxia cannot be replaced by normobaric oxygen. Inhibition of anaerobic bacteria and treatment of gas gangrene and other anaerobic infections cannot be replaced by antibacterial drugs. Compression to dissolve gas confined in the body (gas embolism) cannot be replaced by drugs, surgery or other means.

2. Symptomatic treatment   

Constrict blood vessels, relieve congestion, reduce exudation, promote oxidative metabolism and facilitate intracellular sodium and water pumping to eliminate oedema. Although drugs can dehydrate to treat oedema, they can cause hyperosmolarity in the cerebral circulation to induce or aggravate cerebral infarction, which is not conducive to brain resuscitation; pain relief (vasodilation can cause pain, as can hypoxic vasospasm) Drugs can replace and have a stronger effect, but pain medication has adverse effects; lowering cranial pressure and intraocular pressure, the effect of drugs is stronger than hyperbaric oxygen, but dehydration diuretics are not conducive to brain resuscitation; anti-shock, treatment of cerebral oedema and pulmonary oedema, the effect of hyperbaric oxygen is limited but has no side effects and can regulate systemic functions.

3. Rehabilitation therapy    

Hyperbaric oxygen can promote aerobic metabolism and restore function. Drugs have a similar function but are not a substitute for hyperbaric oxygen, their pathways of action are different and the combination of the two can have a cumulative effect. The comparison shows that pharmacological treatment is a catabolic treatment that easily exposes its flaws and limitations. As an internist, one must not be satisfied with knowing only the use of medication, but must also know hyperbaric oxygen as well as one is skilled in water-electrolyte balance, because the treatment of disease must be based on water-electrolyte balance, no lack of nutrition and no lack of oxygen. There are mountains, flatlands and rivers in the human body, and when the internal environment changes, such as in the case of illness or ageing, just as water from a river cannot irrigate the terraces on a mountain, so atmospheric oxygen cannot meet the demand for oxygen in the "mountains" of the body, but hyperbaric oxygen can.

O2BAY Oxygen Therapy for health hard type 1.5 ata hyperbaric chamber developed by Yilong

O2BAY Oxygen Therapy for health hard type 1.5 ata hyperbaric chamber

The Oxygen Therapy hyperbaric chamber, developed by the specialist manufacturer Yilong, is made of stainless steel + PC engineering plastic and is an effective and straightforward way to address the lack of oxygen in the body. In the hyperbaric environment, oxygen inhalation can greatly increase the blood oxygen concentration and partial pressure of the body, which can correct the lack of oxygen in the tissues as soon as possible and quickly improve, restore and enhance the body's functions.

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