With the further expansion of the use of hyperbaric chambers, the home hyperbaric chamber is becoming more and more familiar and its oxygen therapy effects are being experienced by more and more people, making it a popular technological healing device.

What are the effects of the Yilong home hyperbaric chamber on the body?

O2BAY for healthy sports home 1.3ATA 4psi portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The home hyperbaric chamber developed by Hangzhou Yilong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.has undergone several upgrades to achieve a new level of effectiveness, safety and comfort, making it more suitable for home use.

In terms of daily health care, the Yilong home hyperbaric chamber can help to improve insomnia, relieve drunkenness, improve sub-health, relieve fatigue and relieve altitude sickness, to name a few.

When people have insomnia, the brain is in a waking state of operation, which inevitably increases the amount of oxygen consumed. This creates a vicious cycle of insomnia-hypoxia-insomnia.

The hyperbaric chamber improves the oxygen deprivation of the brain, thus breaking the vicious cycle of insomnia and improving the quality of sleep. As well as the need to metabolise the alcohol in the body through oxidative activity after intoxication, supplemental oxygen can facilitate this activity, thus relieving the state of intoxication. Sub-health, fatigue and altitude sickness are also directly linked to oxygen deprivation, and this hyperbaric chamber is designed to improve these problems.

In addition to this, the home hyperbaric chamber can also help with skin care. The body's metabolic rate is accelerated thanks to the adequate supply of oxygen, which in turn accelerates the metabolism of skin pigments and makes the skin glow. In addition, it helps to maintain skin tone and elasticity.

In addition, a well-oxygenated environment creates strong conditions to enhance the production of immune substances and increase the activity of immune cells, thus strengthening the body's immunity overall and preventing germs more effectively, thus reducing the incidence of disease. Hyperbaric chambers also have the potential to help prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, which are caused by the lack of blood and oxygen in the brain.

Hangzhou Yilong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers in China and is renowned for its excellent research and development work, based on which we have hundreds of patents and are constantly innovating to improve our R&D technology. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.