This article is written to solve errors when a “Message Is Displayed” on your printer screen. All the instructions shown here are useful for Canon printer MX920 Series users encountering different messages in the LCD.


Is a message displayed on the LCD?

If you open the canon printer of Canon MX920 Series and just receive a message on LCD during print or any other action, you’ve to confirm the message to take action accordingly.  


Error Message 1 – Power Cord messages.

  • The power was not turned off correctly the last time.
  • The power cord has been unplugged, in the memory has been lost.

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If a message related to the power or power cord appears on your LCD, it’s because of the loose or unplugged power cord. And when the Canon printer is On with such a power cord connection that you might have performed last time, you get a prompt. In this case, Press OK when the message displays and dismiss it. Also, check the power cord and reconnect to not see the error again. Finally, press OK to print all removed fax for the lost memory due to an unplugged power cord.        


Error Message 2 – Data of supported types are not saved.

When your MX920 Series printer can’t read data in the USB flash drive, or there is no image data or document, or if the printer can’t recognize the file due to certain characters, you’ll see the message for data not saved. Hence make sure you use alphanumeric characters only, and the data you print should be printed from the PC.     


Error Message 3 – PDF file cannot print.

  • Cannot print the specified PDF file
  • File contains unprintable data

The first case when the message appears of cannot print PDF file mostly occur when the file size is too large or unsupported, hence check the Format, edit on a PC and make sure the file is printable.


In the second case, when you see a file has unprintable data, it may be because your document has hi-resolution images or contains graphics. It may create an issue in printing the document.   


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Error Message 4 – Check the page size.

If the printer asks you to check your document page size, you use different paper from the set size in the print setting. To resolve this, either change print document size or change the loaded paper, then press OK.  


Error Message 5 – Communication or Output Error

Encountering communication or output errors requires a few checks to resolve errors. First, plug the power cord in and see whether the lamp flashes. When the lamp stops flashing, and configure the printer port.   

  • Open the Devices and Printers option from the start menu and select your Canon model to open its properties with right-click button.
  • Select Ports and make sure the name is USB (number) with your Canon model.
  • If you see the setting is incorrect, reinstall the MP Drivers on your computer.
  • When the USB cable and the port name “USB(number)” is set and you still can’t take action on your printer, then go through the below steps;   
  • Open All programs > Canon Utilities > Canon My Printer > Diagnose > Repair Printer.
  • You can try IJ Network Tool and reinstall MP drivers to resolve the issue.


Error Message 6 – Automatic Duplex Printing Errors

Canon MX920 Series printers come with Automatic Duplex printing features, which sometimes can show error messages. Check a few things to avoid errors in Duplex Printing;

  • In the page setup sheet, select Duplex Printing and Automatic check boxes and also check the Page Size setting.
  • Check the size of the paper, which should be compatible with automatic duplex printing. The suitable paper for duplex printing is - A4, Letter, A5, B5, and Hagaki.
  • The media type setting and the real size should match.


Error Message 7 – The Machine Extended Survey Program Screen

If you’ve installed the Extended Survey Program, you’ll see a confirmation message. You can or cannot permit this Program setting that asks you to be grand sending the printer and software usage info to show you for the next nine to ten years. There are two cases when the Extended Survey Program appears on the screen;

  1. To accept the Extended Survey Program, click “Agree and go through further instructions.
  2. To skip the Extended Survey Program, click the “Do not agree” tab. Though, the prompt again appears after one month. You can also click Uninstall to remove the program.



All these errors/messages in Canon MX920 Series are common and easy to fix just by changing a few settings and paper sizes and types; however, if you experience any other issue related to machine hardware, then its best to contact a nearby Canon printer support service center.