VIZ Media released the cover art with the first volume of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Deserted Island Diary on Twitter. The manga will likely be released in English on September 14, 2021. Barnes & Noble is open for pre-orders and fans will pay out $9.99. Also, if you need to buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, you can choose the store.

As early as February 2021, VIZ Media announced for the first time which it would localize the newest comics inside the "Animal Crossing" series. The story of the graphic novel tells the tale of villagers doing bad things in funny situations and the absence of the protagonist. In addition to allowing characters to shine in-jokes and funny stories, the comics will even provide players with hints inside the rewards section. VIZ recently reveal that the art on the first volume will likely be very exactly like the Japanese version.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Desert Island Diary was originally released in Japanese in July 2020. The 128-page paperback is filled with illustrations and stories by Kokonasu Rumba. You can collect ACNH items on the island to get more Animal Crossing Bells. Fans can preview and notice the cute art style on the official website of Shogakukan Manga.

In other news about Animal Crossing, San-Ei has decided to release plush toys of fan-favorite villagers like Blathers, Celeste, and Flick. In the West, Build-a-Bear recently started providing winter clothing for Tom Nook and Isabelle-just over time for summer.