Chelsea has had a real rough time in regards to getting strikers in the past decade. From the Diego Costa to the abysmal Alvaro Morata FIFA 23 coins. Following the latter's passing, Gonzalo Higuain was but he failed to do the job. In his time at Chelsea, the 31 year old had a moment. In 14 appearances he scored 5 goals, followed by Chelsea refusing to extend his loan into anything more lasting. Juventus have been returned into by higuain where he is, very much, surplus to requirements.

Higuain exposed himself as a player that couldn't hang at the Premier League, therefore rendering his 87 rating in FIFA 19, highly suspicious. Higuain sank albeit not quite as apparently as Alvaro Morata prior to him. What if his FIFA 23 rating be? He has scored 11 goals in two seasons, meaning that is never likely to occur, although that his rating should be around 75.

Alexis Sanchez's best days are so far behind him that it's difficult for us to even remember when he had been great. Previously, Alexis Sanchez was among the greatest players in the Premier League. He ripped aside defences before deciding he wanted to leave and essentially refusing to play. His desire was granted in 2018 when he scored a move to Manchester United. Fans supposed he would return to his absolute best, but it never happened.

Manchester United was pleased to let Sanchez depart loan to Inter Milan, despite not really having any depth on the wing. That should indicate how bad Sanchez has been in the past three or three years. Which begs the question, why on earth is he rated 83 at FIFA 19? Sanchez literally could not get a start in the worst Manchester United side we have seen in decades, so a score of 83 is absolute lunacy. If he wasn't called Alexis Sanchez, his rating would be around 70.

"Look! The menus are a fresh colour!", said nobody ever. Flashy new in-stadium decals, color schemes and commentary pairings are not going to cut it this season. The Career Mode team have had enough, and they need EA Sports pull out a finger and begin delivering the single-player suite everyone deserves. Can FIFA 23 eventually be the year? Maybe/maybe not, however cheap FUT 23 coins, at least EA are devoting time to the manner and making a few changes.