Fleeing the Complex is a fantastic escape game. Try to choose the correct objects to help Henry escape from the prison complex in the snowy mountains.
The Wall is located on a snow-covered mountain where the game is set. The world's most dangerous prisoners reside there. It also houses Henry, the main character and a known felon. Right now, he needs your assistance.
Your goal in this game is to aid Henry in escaping from The Wall prison by choosing the appropriate items, such as a gravitor, grenade, sniper, adrenaline, and others. The worst yet sharpest criminals in the world are housed at this prison complex. He must make a number of crucial choices once he discovers a way to break free from prison. You will act as his brain and make the wise choices necessary to either defeat or elude the guards. Given the time constraints, the selections should be selected as swiftly and rationally as possible. To select an option, click on it with the mouse. You can choose the option, action, or tool you wish to use by clicking on it on the screen when the game first starts.
Let's help Henry fleeing the complex now.
Tips for Fleeing The Complex:
Some decisions appear at the end of the countdown
You can make the decisions again if you don’t have the correct answer before.
How to play
Use the mouse to choose the objects