For a good pair of Latex (rubber) surgical gloves, first of all, the surface should look clean and beautiful, yellow, with good curling, strong pulling force, and no air leakage.

The pulling force is large, which is a bit difficult to test by our hands, which requires professional machines to test. What we can do is to observe the color, the color is white, and the latex (rubber) surgical gloves that are too white all contain a lot of additives. The whiter the color, the more additives, the more additives, the smaller the pulling force. However, there are many gloves now that put a yellow pigment, so that the color of the gloves can be changed, so this method is not completely reliable. Finally, we have to look at the degree of wrinkling of the gloves. It is also a pair of Latex (rubber) surgical gloves. When opened from the package, gloves with high glue content will never wrinkle much, and the lower the glue content, the more wrinkled they are. If a pair of gloves is wrinkled and white, it can be seen that the glue content is extremely low. The reason why we all use latex is that latex is very stretchable and elastic, and no other substitute is as good as latex.

Measurement methods:

Length: The distance from the tip of the middle finger to the outer edge of the wrist opening.

Width: The widest point in the horizontal position between the thumb and the base of the four fingers.

Thickness: measure the middle finger and palm (double layer) respectively, for the arbitration test, cut the glove to measure the thickness of the single layer.

Latex (rubber) surgical gloves