The only debate that would be debatable is that bringing the ball into your body Mut 23 coins. You're the person who called it a security lol. It is either a touchback or down at the 1/2. If he is established in the end zone just like you say and the ball has been retrieved outside the end zone as you said it is down in the 1/2 yard line it's the spot of the ball not where your body is. If it had been a player on offense reaching into the end zone rather think about the reverse, it could be a td.

Right I know it comes down to where the ball is - however, I fumbled until the end zone, then it lands beneath the QBs body at the 1/2 lawn and does not regain it, then the ball is pushed into the end zone via rugby scrum, leading to my recovery at the end zone and ruled a safety and the offense gets 2 points. I thought because a change of ownership never occurred it ought to have been ruled a touchdown.

Strategies for MUT without spending cash off the rip?

I know NMS users are hated by this sub, and I am not trying to brag, but am asking for information for how to start off MUT the best way without getting packages to build your coin pile. I don't have any disrespect it is your money do what you want that you have it earned. Last year was my first year playing with MUT so I did not understand how to build a squad that is good directly off the tear, and I started late. Any information would be appreciated!

Perform weekend league, and a great deal of seasons matches. The rewards should assist you in packs and coins madden 23 coins cheap.I thought they were like 1000 trophies in the shop? Solos fan appreciation and super bowl It's not bragging it's that mut almost compensated to win only has been made by ea.