To store smaller items that have to be packed together, or for items that can be stacked up to 3m by 3m in size, Drive-In Rack is the best solution.

Utilization of racks for drive-in and drive-thru.

Drive In Racking is used to store seasonal objects such as Christmas decorations. There is no storage order that is specified and the items are rapidly empty as the Christmas season approaches. But this system isn't suitable in all instances since the method of operation is last-in-first-out. This means that you can't access all the pallets simultaneously. If the sequence removal of pallets isn't important, drive in racking system is the most effective storage option. The standard storage method is adjustable aisle. Plan is a storage device that is a perfect fit for the space you have. The adjustable aisles let you choose the pallets you require by using the standard operating equipment which can reduce overall costs.

Drive-in Rack and Drive-Thru Rack (sometimes called drive-thru) are racks for storage that permit forklifts to be transported vertically in row that are straight lanes (called bays). The main difference in drive-in and drive-thru racks is the presence of entrances on one side or both. Drive-in rack systems have an entrance and exit that are common and drive-thru systems feature entrance points at both ends of the space. Because drive-in racks come with only one entrance they employ an approach to storage known as "last in, first out" (LIFO). Because there is only one entry point and the pallets that are in the queue at the end are always picked first. Drive-through racking two distinct entry points can also employ the "first in, first out" (FIFO) storage system. With FIFO system pallets are loaded at one end, then pushed back by the other and placed at the top of the other row. The first pallet to be placed within a row will be the first one removed from the opposite end. This method is ideal when the material has an expiration date or when shelf life is a major issue.

Use of Pallet Flow Rack

The main purpose for Pallet Flow Rack is to offer high-throughput for pallet retrieval and storage, as well as efficient utilization of space. It is therefore used to store items that have a high inventory turnover as well as several pallets in stock. Pallet flow racks operate by transporting the pallet from one end to the next using an easy conveyor that moves pallets with FIFOs. Once the pallet has been moved, it is transported together with the position of the pallet that is next. This technique is ideal for shelves in warehouses with a large turnover of products, however this is a costly option.

You can utilize DISTRIBUTION X pallets in warehouses and busy industries. With Pallet Flow Racking, the storage process is automated. It means the item is placed on high on the rack, and taken away at the lower. By using Pallet Flow Racking the entire process can be automated and lots of time can be saved by using the First In Out, In, Out system. Automate the rotation process rotational rotation that is used in large-scale warehouses and factories.