Nowadays you have access to video resources in various formats, but you cannot directly use them on your devices because different devices requires different formats. So it is necessary to select a good video converter. However, it seems difficult to select a good one in view of the fact that the outlook, functions and features of many video resources are similar. Actually, the one that suits you most is the best.
According to the latest survey, we find out five indispensable features of video converter as follows:

Firstly, the video converter should support as many video formats as possible.

To select a good video converter, you need to ensure that it supports both the formats you input and the ones you output. It should support nearly all video formats that you may input and it support most popular video formats you may convert to. For example, if a video converter supports MOV, WMV, TS, AVI (DivX, XivD), MP3, MP4, VCD, DV, FLU, sWF, MPG, it is good enough in terms of video formats. Besides, audio is also supported by most video converters. In that case, the formats should include MP3, WMA, AU, AIF, M4A, AC3, WAV, AAC, OGG, etc. In addition, if it can also support H.264 HD video conversion, it is better.

Secondly, the video converter should support multimedia devices that people usually use.

A good video converter should support common multimedia devices. In order to play videos on a certain multimedia devices, you need to ensure the conversion is in correct format, zoom mode, bit rate, dimension, etc. As a buyer, you don't need to find out the above information in details if your choices are among those that can perfectly presents its related properties and convert video to your devices without difficulty. That is to say, you can simply examine whether your chosen converter supports iPod, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Blackberry, Nokia, Google Android, Motorola, iPhone and so on.

Thirdly, the video converter allow you to cut your desired part of video.

This feature is important because it is impossible for you to use the whole files in a new situation. Sometimes you need to cite a short part of the original source; Sometimes you also need to modify the original video - to make it more vivid and suitable to your new needs. Therefore, it is great if the video converter can trim the files with a start and end time setting.

Fourthly, the video converter should have a high converting speed and support batch conversion.

The above two features can help you convert your desired video in short time. That is to say, it will save you much time. It is no difficult to check the batch conversion function of a video converter. In comparison, the converting speed is a little difficult to check. Our advice is to verify whether it supports the multiple threads and multi-CPUs. To some extend, having this function can guarantee the speed. If your chosen converter also shut down automatically after the completion of the task, it can also help you save a lot of time.

Fifthly, you can operate the video converter easily.

The video converter can either apply Microsoft Office style or have its own interface. No matter what the software is, it is supposed to be easy to operate easily for the users mp3juices converter. That means your chosen converter should simplify its operations. It should contain automatic system, with which the operator can handle it without knowing the details.

Apart from the five features we just mentioned, you also need to take some other features into consideration, such as supporting image output and ability to preview.