Now most hospitals have adopted barcode wristband recognition technology, but in fact, RFID wristband recognition has greater application potential. Compared with bar code technology, RFID technology can really improve the efficiency of medical care and improve the comfort of patients.

The working mode of hospital RFID wristband is through radio frequency signals. Some people worry that it will affect the internal devices such as cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator, but in fact, there is no need to worry. The RFID devices use low power consumption, no matter how long the reading distance is.

Barcode RFID wristbands are often difficult to recognize or read errors due to stains or deformation of the surface barcode, but medical RFID wristbands do not have this concern. RFID chips are packaged inside, with better waterproof performance and good environmental adaptability.

The hospital RFID wristband(more info) has strong recognition penetration and can be read from a long distance without being affected by obstructions. Therefore, even if the information of a sleeping patient is obtained at night, it is not afraid to disturb the patient, and accurate information can be obtained without close contact and bright light, ensuring the accuracy of data reading and improving the comfort of the patient.

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