There is a widespread belief that press releases are a tool for gaining publicity. Imagine you've just released a product or launched an event and want your consumers to be aware of it. In what ways can you accomplish this effectively? An effective way to communicate with your audience about your brand is through a press release. 


Different types of press release service providers offer services such as product launches, rebrandings, and more, allowing you to communicate with your target audience. 


When writing a press release, you must refrain from using too many verbose sentences to describe the story. In an ideal release, the topic should be buzz-worthy, and personal opinions should avoid being expressed.


This section aims to help you increase the effectiveness of your public relations campaign by identifying the primary types of press releases.


Business Launch Press Release


A business launch press release announces the launch of a new project, company, product, website, initiative, etc. This premium press release emphasizes the importance of timeliness in this type of press release. By creating an urgency regarding the forthcoming news, a launch release can help make sense of urgency. When preparing a press release for a launch, ensure a unique and personalized touch to your brand image. 


Event Launch Press Release


In a press release, event details are explained to inform the public about the event. It is imperative not to bury technical information under the story, such as the type of event, the location, the timing, etc. Generally, an event press release should be presented systematically with bullet points, an outline, or icons. In this scenario, digital press releases are much more effective than offline press releases.


Product Announcement Press Release


A product announcement is another type of press release. When a new product is launched, an organization issues a product announcement. Include key product specifications in your press release when announcing a new product.


Apple, for example, mentioned its fight against AIDS in its press release for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (Product Red). After that, the press release went into pretty detailed descriptions of the phone's specifications, including its size, characteristics, and color systems.


New Hire Press Release


The announcement of new hires in large companies, particularly in executive positions, is usually announced in a press release. The new employee is described in fairly extensive detail in this type of press release. It is also common to include a photo of the person.


Announcing an employee lets the team know they should give the new employee a warm welcome. Furthermore, it allows old employees to interact with the new ones.


Expert Hire Press Release


Press releases of this type are used to establish credibility within a particular field for individuals or entities. By doing so, a person or company can be positioned as a collection of information that can be contacted whenever certain information needs to be sought. 



Various types of press releases writing services increase engagement between brands and audiences. Developing an effective press release requires many factors, including an engaging headline, accurate, well-written information, and, of course, a professional press release service provider. Professional press releases are always preferred by journalists so that they can easily integrate them into their articles.