Hi this is Ayesha Kaur and I am an escort and call girl with Jaipur Escorts and I am here through some personal words telling the world about the case of a client who was too shy to even make out. Yes, things happen and when funny things happen, it becomes a lifelong memory worth mentioning and laughing at again and again. This happened when I was at the pink of my health and beauty when there was this very young college-going chap totally spellbound by my beauty. He started asking questions about me when I was traveling in the metro. At first, I ignored as such things are totally normal for me, men chasing us. But then after a while, I was impressed at his politeness and then I told him about myself. I informed him as to what I do for a living and he was astounded. Then he reassured himself by giving me a warm and sly smile stating that he was too smitten by my demeanor and cuteness.
Then, talks started and as usual, I invited him to have a cup of coffee with me. He came and again we started chatting about the most obvious of things like the weather, rain, economy, inflation, etc. All throughout there was no sign that this chap ever wanted to get me as his girlfriend or even in bed myself as a Jaipur Call Girls in Jaipur. So I enquired casually with him after about more than four coffee sessions, what was his plan. He was confused, he said nothing, and that he wants to spend all his time with me, night and day, romanticize me. Then again chats followed and so did romance. Then alas, came a time when he was about to make out when he just stopped abruptly.I was aghast. I inquired as to what came of him. He said quite cutely that he has nil experience in making out and that he is still a virgin and thus he lacked experience in handling a sexy woman like me.