Solar energy is known to be the cheapest energy source out of the various available options. The person has the option to either purchase the solar generator from the market or just prepare a diy solar generator. If the person plans to build the solar generator at their level, the first thing that a person must have a complete idea of is the various parts that need to be assembled.


Part And Components To Make The Solar Generator


To make a diy portable solar generator, there is a requirement for the following major parts.


Rugged Case


First of all, the person should arrange the rugged case that will be used to keep the various parts of the solar generator. Various options are available in the market that varies in the material with which they are made, and the number of off handles they have.


AC Solar Power Inverter


In normal, the appliance uses the AC voltage for its working. If the person wishes to make the best portable solar generator, he must arrange the best solar power inverter that will help transform the DC voltage into the AV voltage.


Solar Panel


The main work of the solar panel is to absorb the sun's energy and then supply it to the battery for its working. So this part of the generator will be exposed most of the time. So a person needs to make sure they purchase the high-quality panel.


To make the best portable solar power generator, try to go for a solar panel that is light in weight so that you can carry the generator easily. The solar panel can be folded by the person easily, making carrying the generator an easy option.




The battery is required to store the power in the generator. The batteries are available in the market in different shapes and sizes. Most of the time best portable solar generator 2023 generally has two of either battery:


  •   Lthium-Ion


o   The batteries are known to have high efficiency, with an efficiency of about 98%.

o   They are known to be compact and also light in weight

o   A person can even charge the batteries partially without the loss of the energy

o   These batteries are used in the 300 watt solar generator.

o   The warranty period for the battery is ten years.


  •       Deep Cycle Lead Acid


o   They are another option for the battery that people use in solar generators.

o   The lifespan of these batteries is more than that of lithium batteries. It is up to 15 years.

o   The recycling of batteries is easily possible.

o   The batteries are available for the range of a 300w solar generator.

o   Even on low charging, a person can use them for longer.


Charge Controller


The component plays the most crucial role in managing the generator's charging amount. 

The person who uses the generator has a general question: how much electric do solar panels generate? The answer to this question is simple; management is possible using special instruments.


Power Inlet


This is the external inlet that is available in another case. A person should try to get the inlet that does not have the wire so that it becomes a convenient option. A person can get the answer to the question as can a solar generator power a house?