Park was and was also asked why it took so long the time it has taken for Lost Ark to transition from Asian success to a global phenomenon Buy Lost Ark Gold. "The need was present, Smilegate invested years into refining and polishing the core experience and we worked with us to make it accessible to a new and diverse market, with millions players now getting to experience Lost Ark for the first-time," Park said.There's also the link with South Korean culture, following the international success of Kpop artists and TV shows such as the Netflix show Squid Game. "I believe that there's an ongoing trend of globalisation of media across all entertainment platforms and a growing interest in international experiences that let us explore cultures from all over the world," the CEO said.

"Korean pop culture," such as TV and music is increasing in popularity in the West. Games are the natural progression of that trend. "Still, the transition to the West hasn't come without a hitch, with many players criticising the sport for its gender representation.

More recently, the team addressed fan concerns of feeling pressure to make a profit to advance.

Lost Ark gets a battle pass, a new class and a new continents in its April update.Lost Ark Smilegate along with Amazon's popular MMOARPG, has had another surge in growth this month. The April update is now live. It's massive, introducing an upgraded class, the Glaivier, and a whole new continent, South Vern.

The Glaivier is armed with a spear and obviously it's a glaive every weapon giving her a different posture and set of skills. "The shorter spear can be used to unleash a furious blast from the Focus stance, while the longer glaive harnesses the Flurry stance for gracefully lethal assaults and sweeps Lost Ark Gold for sale," notes in patch notes(opens in a new tab) can be read.