Camo jackets are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to blend into their surroundings while they are enjoying their sport or pastime.


Camouflage clothing is often worn for hunting where the stalker wishes to stay concealed from their quarry. One of the favourite camos is the DPM (disruptive pattern material) woodland camo which is a four colour camo suitable for wearing in broadleaf woodland. DPM woodland camo is available in a variety of clothing including combat trousers, rucksacks as well as jackets.


DPM jackets are popular with hikers as well as anglers. Safety Shoes Workwear Camo jackets are almost a uniform for many anglers because of their unobtrusive design and soft fabrication which is quiet at the water's edge. Hikers love the roomy design which gives unconstrained movement to the arms and torso which can be important when scrambling over rocks or negotiating other difficult terrain. Significantly camo jackets allow the wearer to pass through the countryside without being a luminescent blot on the landscape - something typical in typical walking apparel.


There are a number of features on these camouflage jackets which make them so popular with outdoors people around the world. The DPM jackets each have a number of pockets with button down flaps which allow for a good number of stowage options. This is obviously a great attribute for keeping hiking essentials or angling equipment safe but on hand.


A number of camouflage jackets also have wire peaked hoods which give superior protection from the elements as well as provide the wearer maximum concealment in the field. Together with reinforced elbows, double zips with cowling and drawstrings at the waist and hem these jackets provide superior levels of comfort and performance in the field.


If the outdoor enthusiast wants waterproof camo clothing then Goretex camo jackets offer excellent protection against the elements whether rain or wind. Goretex fabric used in military cloth is the toughest version of this fabric and had good resistance to snagging when out active in the field. The advantage of jackets made from this material is that the wearer will perspire less than in traditional waterproof jackets since goretex is a breathable yet waterproof and windproof fabric.


Camo jackets offer the outdoor enthusiast hardwearing and functional upper body wear. Jackets can be twinned with combat trousers or cargo pants for a rugged but on trend look when out and about. This stylish practicality need not however come at great cost.


Available from a variety of sources, probably the best place to obtain camouflage clothing is army surplus stores which specialise in camo jackets. Not only are you assured of receiving sound, specialist advice, but military surplus stores offer customers the best value.