What will happen to Wen Rujin? Even O can't easily kill the promising A, not to mention the giant family behind Gandalf. Chapter 159 Chapter 159 As for the character of General Eliza, an iron-blooded female alpha, Wen Rujin had already guessed through the projection of her original memory and a few short conversations with the other side. Now it seems that he is not wrong about the other side, is indeed a character of evil charm crazy and ruthless alpha. After arranging everything, General Eliza instigated Wen Rujin, an Omega with a special status, to assassinate Gandalf, a promising alpha, and retired with success. She has learned the essence of "killing two birds with one stone". With the death of Gandalf, her rival family has lost a good heir, which is something for Eliza and her family to celebrate with champagne. And Wen Rujin? Although he killed a man, as long as his reproductive function is still there, the Empire will maximize his life, but as a reproductive tool, all other rights need not be discussed. If Wen Rujin is deprived of all rights and reduced to a complete reproductive tool, then Eliza will appear as a savior and save him from fire and water. If Wen Rujin is really an Omega who has been educated by Omega since childhood, she will definitely be moved and grateful, and regard the Savior's General Elisa as her salvation. If Eliza is a little more cruel, directly through illegal means to get Wen Rujin, then Wen Rujin will lose the legal identity of the empire,Lamella Plate Settler, completely become a shady vassal of General Eliza, or. Forbidden.. 。 。 General Eliza, who has a bright appearance, is still single and can even have another Omega. Want to break his wings, sit and enjoy the blessing of the people, ah, interesting, interesting. Wen Rujin is sure that General Eliza is an alpha who has never lacked a cruel heart. Rather than saying that she hated Wen Rujin for hitting her in the face in public this time,Rotating sludge scraper, it was better to say that she had already made full preparations for this matter, but Wen Rujin's act of hitting her in the face made her more unburdened to choose to waste him. Fortunately, because of the early anticipation, Wen Rujin contacted the big prince Jerry in advance. Jerry has been depressed that he didn't have a chance to perform since he was attacked by Wen Rujin last time, and Wen Rujin took the initiative to throw an olive branch to him, and he caught it immediately. No matter what kind of thoughts Wen Rujin has, or simply to prove himself, for Wen Rujin, the big prince is very competent. After countless twists and turns in her mind, Wen Rujin is still as pure as a white lotus. Please, don't laugh like this. Which white lotus did you learn? 520 The sound of vomiting sounded. Wen Rujin: "This is the ultimate white lotus smile that I have gathered the strengths of the fighter planes among the white lotus flowers." When Wen Rujin was ready to turn off her light brain and leave, General Eliza stopped him: "Wait a minute, Wen!"! I'm not thoughtful, you are an Omega, lamella tube ,MBR reactor, you do need to be decent, but I think the Nb number is not the best choice, is it? Her eyes were cold, but her smile seemed sincere: "Wen, my adjutant happens to be on vacation, because Philo is an excellent soldier with S mental strength and physique, let him escort you in the top three SD fighters of the Empire's combat effectiveness, won't it make you more decent?" Wen Rujin also smiled, smiling a little more sincere, eyes a bright, excitedly asked: "Is it because of Fei Luo?"? Is that the power of one man and one of the four Zerg war for three days still did not lose the infilo!? General Eliza had already regarded the Omega in front of her as her own property, and although his reaction played into her hands, she was still dissatisfied that the other side had shown such a look to her adjutant, but now Eliza knew that she could not expose the fact that she was in a bad mood. She needs this Omega, and he's a key part of the plan.. When it is done, she will leave her life to the other party, as long as he is willing to be her own Omega. "Yes, that Infilo." Wen Rujin hugged the golden retriever tightly, and her eyes fluttered shyly: "Can I see the mecha of Infilo?"? Me, me, me, me. Can I touch it? Eliza almost blew the table apart again. She managed to maintain a cold smile. "Wen, that SD fighter is my vehicle. You can see my mecha on it. I allow you to touch it." SD fighter load two people, Elisa's mecha generally will not be put on it, but this time, in a hurry, she actually in order to fight for face in front of an Omega, and promised to put their own exclusive mecha on it, simply! Dizzy! Her arrogance was overflowing, and Wen Rujin's smile deepened: "Thank you, General Elisa, you are so gentle and considerate." How interesting. Shou Jing: Dead, my shoveling officer showed a smile to make trouble again. Wen Rujin decisively contacted the big prince again, without the slightest sense of guilt to the other side, as to whether the big prince will hold a grudge against General Elisa, this is not what Wen Rujin needs to consider, he is just a simple, poor, weak and helpless Omega ah, is not it? As soon as the connection on the light brain was cut off, Eliza's eyes suddenly cooled down. She suddenly pounded the table. The all-metal table was instantly dented with a slap print. The fierce man with a double S physique was no joke. Although very angry, but she still methodically arranged his lieutenant personally escorted Wen Rujin in her exclusive car, to the prison star. Eliza's eyes are cold, Wen Rujin, now teach you the first truth: alpha's exclusive car, but not casually can sit, you will soon understand. And the other end,rapid sand filters, 520 laughed dizzy: "Too silly, she was actually goaded by you-goaded to get her own mecha, is she crazy!?" 。 khnwatertreatment.com