King Fu and Uncle Zhen were busy plotting and scheming. They wanted to play tricks. They secretly arranged to rob money and steal treasures at the same time. The calculation was steady. The second housekeeper listened to Uncle Zhen's advice and spent a lot of money to find a few kungfu masters from the old Shanpu camp outside the city and the down-and-out bannermen. He ordered the three tyrants in the west of Beijing carefully. On this side, three tigers also pass down the hero, from Tongzhou, Tianjin Wei and Fengtai, called to help all kinds of heroes outside, some of the experts in the rivers and lakes to hear this matter, also urgent justice personally to help, really came to a lot of heroes, all in the yellow courtyard to discuss a good Wang Ye also sent someone to greet, life police headquarters and imperial city fire brigade in dozens of good people came to help, Listen to the three tiger command, once found that the three tyrants in the west of Beijing with Sun Yuchen childe to the eight king's tomb, immediately take down, sent to the police general office to serve! I want to personally torture and give Sun Gongzi a good vent. Three tiger distribution, always feel uneasy in the heart, asked to help a few brothers in the capital, everyone said that has been more secure. After all, the leaders of the Tongzhou Green Gang had been in Jianghu for many years. They thought about it and said, "I'm sure I'll go. We'll take whatever they want. If we really start fighting, no one can take it away.". I have sent a secret message to the brothers in the Hanako Gang in the capital to investigate the three bad boys everywhere. The three tiger brothers and Mr. Huang can rest assured that they dare not do anything as long as they can't get anything. To that day, we help the brothers, directly in the city gate ambush, as long as the discovery of suspicious people, directly on the line they, and then fly pigeons to pass the book, afraid of what? Sun Gongzi is a big living person, but also can throw away the collapse? However,Wall Penstocks, I think your house, should leave a few people to take care of, not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, to tell the truth, your house this family business in the capital is also famous outside, we go out of the city to change people, in case they come to a black tiger heart, harass your house, and then if you take away a few people,multi disc screw press, can be more troublesome. Three tigers heard again and again said yes, and left a few good players and police officers in the Huang family on standby, protecting the Huang family. They carefully discussed the way to save people, where to start, what to bring, what to contact, and then used wine and rice to wait together. The tomb of the eight kings is a famous desolate place in old Beijing. It is located on the north bank of the Tonghui River outside Dongzhi Men, surrounded by gloomy trees and miserable grass. There is no human habitation in the daytime, and at night, there is not even a ghost hair to see. Looking from the Arrow Tower in Dongzhi Men, you can see a dirt road, a few ruts, black sewage, and a cemetery at the end of the grass. It is the tomb of the eight kings. This piece of land is not called this name because the eight princes of the imperial court were buried. It is the common name of old Beijingers. Buried here is a great man, a first-class nobleman, a royal clan, the 12th Prince of the famous Qing Emperor Nurhachi, and the British Prince Azig, wall penstocks ,Mechanical fine screen, who was born to the same mother as Regent Dorgon and Prince Duoduo of Yu. Azig's military exploits were outstanding in his early years, and because of the care of a good brother, Regent Dourgen, there were three brothers, Prince Rui, Prince Yu and Prince Ying. They were powerful and powerful, and even Prince Li Dai Shan was courteous to him, not to mention the young Shunzhi and Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang. Don't want to spend a hundred days without red, since the dozen duo died of illness, regent dourgen sudden death, the queen abahai children, only the prince azig, of course, by the ruling Shunzhi ye a dissatisfaction, even if there is no little mistake, also by other have long been holding a stream of anger of relatives and noble envy, azig is military origin, temperament strong and irascible, refuse to obey the control of the court, In the end, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang had a good heart and asked Master Shunzhi to issue a decree: in the name of plotting against the law and vainly attempting to restore the Regency, he was sent to prison and given death. After his death, because he was a sinner, the family did not dare to disclose it, nor did they have the power of the past. Naturally, the court was too lazy to care about these people. They were buried there on the north bank of the Tonghui River, a wasteland where rabbits did not shit, and no one cared about it for a long time. By the time of Emperor Gaozong Qianlong, it had long been seen that this was a ridiculous "housework" made by the royal family of the Qing Dynasty in the early days of its entry into the Shanhaiguan Pass. Considering the outstanding merits of Prince Rui, Prince Yu and other princes in the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, an imperial edict was issued to restore the royal titles, hereditary succession and enjoyment of the Imperial Ancestral Temple for these elder brothers. I don't know how Qianlong thought about it, but Prince Ying only gave a reward, but later generations were still idle imperial clan until the end of the Qing Dynasty. In the early days of entering the Shanhaiguan Pass, Prince Ying ranked eighth among the kings from the east, and the local people have always called his cemetery the Eight Kings' Tomb, which is a memorial to the prince who died young. Wait until the afternoon of the replacement, the old and young heroes who live in the Huang family left a few masters, outside is the police headquarters of more than a dozen big fellow protection, Huang childe personally went to the eight king's grave to save people, was stopped by three tigers, let him take good care of the seriously injured Sun An. Other people all out, ambush all the way from the Huang family to the Dongzhi Men to the eight king's grave, these young and old heroes in Jianghu, are not ambiguous, dressed up in various ways, some carrying a basket selling peanuts, some wearing silk wrapped in satin as if the local rich man, some sitting in a cart at the gate of the city, some dressed up as a cart in the wild tea house beside the Tonghui River. A few of them also ambushed around Uncle Zhen's well-known outer residence and Fu Wang Fu to inquire about the news. The Huazi Gang outside the city of Dongcheng also sent a lot of beggars, beggars and bone-playing people to touch around, just waiting for the three tyrants in the west of Beijing to be caught. Three tigers with a good guy and a big head of the Tongzhou Green Gang, commanding the overall situation in a restaurant on the street outside the Dongzhi Men. Despite the fact that the three tigers had been in the battlefield for a long time, it was the first time that he had met a thief who had saved people at the foot of the son of heaven. He was so anxious about Sun Yuchen, the third elder brother, that his face was so tight that he dared not bring it out at all. He could not eat a mouthful of fragrant tea and fruit on the table, and only kept a blue fine cloth bundle in front of him. Inside were five hundred thousand pieces of silver made into silver notes and the precious clay golden lion Guanyin statue. At the foot of the statue was a camphor wood box with five thousand taels of red gold leaves. Three tigers made up their minds, even if they lost these treasures, they had to rescue Sun Gongzi,filter nozzle, naturally, if it was easy to hold the three thieves, they would kill his mother directly!.