Benny woke up like an epiphany, and his body suddenly shook. He did not bicker with Cato this time. He scratched his head and smiled shyly. He imitated Cato beside him. According to his words, he opened his mind and injected the spirit of consciousness into the blood mark. The next moment, a pure energy, directly into his eyebrows in the blood mark! As soon as that pure and clear energy entered the bloody mark, it gradually dissipated and overflowed into his bones, flesh, blood, tendons, and veins, and poured into his Jingyuan ancient tree. Among them, there was also a wonderful power to warm and nourish the altar of the soul, which unexpectedly escaped into the sea of his knowledge, making the altar of his soul like a dry ancient well watered by the cold river water. The wonderful feeling was simply indescribable. Benny's thin body struggled, his eyes closed, his face trembling, and his heart filled with ecstasy. As the energy of the bloody mark between his eyebrows continued to pour in, Benny's face became more and more happy, and if the situation were not special, he would not be able to help laughing three times to express the great joy of his heart. Whoo-hoo! The altar of his soul suddenly whirled at a high speed, and the edge of the altar splashed a little mysterious and destructive luster, which made his soul suddenly enter a wonderful mood. With a shock in his mind, Benny suddenly froze up as if he had been hit hard. A few seconds later, his lips trembled and wriggled to write it down. He murmured in a low voice: "Unexpectedly.." I can't believe I just broke through! My God! Chapter one thousand and nine destruction mystery! On the glacier stone platform,push back racking system, Shiyan and Phelan sat cross-legged and silent. Phelan, Liana, Cato, Benny four people, forehead blood mark rainbow gradually dim down, are in the mysterious power into the body, to enhance the strength. I don't know how long it took for Phelan to wake up first. She glanced at Benny and looked surprised. The wave of destruction in Benny's body was so obvious that it seemed to be at a critical moment of breakthrough. The light of extremely evil energy covered him like a cloud. In the middle of it, Benny's body heard the crisp sound of crackling bones, and the joints seemed to be tempered again. After a while,heavy duty metal racking, Liana woke up and frowned at Benny. Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming hung their heads and kept silent. They knew that there were many mysteries in Shi Yan and others, which they could hardly imagine. Shi Yan then woke up, smiled indifferently and said, "It seems that we have another companion." "Cato's strength has increased very quickly, and it won't be long before he breaks through." Liana said softly. Phelan nodded. Benny and Cato are still indulging in the wonderful mood, one is rippling with the power of chaos and distortion, the other is obvious in the wave of destruction. Five days passed in a flash. Cato stood up silently, his eyes bright as lightning, and grinned, "I'm almost there." He looked at Shiyan. "What about you, Elder Martial Brother?" "There is still a lack of understanding of the realm, and it will take some time to improve the realm." Shi Yan smiled, "but it won't take long." Everyone immediately looked at Benny. The fluctuation of Benny's body gradually calmed down. His expression was calm and his eyebrows moved slightly. Under the attention of the public, he slowly woke up and opened his eyes. Benny was so excited that he said, "I broke through!" Everyone smiled at each other. Really did not think, you, shuttle rack system ,Automated warehouse systems, you unexpectedly are also! Benny was thrilled. "I thought I was the only one left. I'm not alone." "Tell me about you." Phelan gave a little shout. Benny's eyes darkened. He sighed and said, "Our family inherits the profound meaning of destruction. My ancestor was once one of the eight bloodthirsty followers who ruled our dark star field. Seven thousand years ago, my ancestor left the dark star field and disappeared.". After that, we were invaded by the Protoss, our family was bloodied by the Protoss, and everyone was killed except me. I lingered in the dark star field, but was eventually found by the Protoss, forced to flee around, accidentally found a damaged space channel, I took the risk to get in, immediately appeared in the shadow ghost prison, and was found by the shadow clan, pursued by the Protoss running dog.. The once powerful family, in charge of the dark star field, was eventually invaded by the Protoss, and the whole family was washed clean. Of course it won't be a pleasant memory, Benny sighed, his face grim. "I'll get my revenge sooner or later!" "That piece of meteorite of yours contains the profound meaning of destruction. It seems to be a magic weapon of yuanshi level, doesn't it?" Shi Yan asked. Benny was stupefied for a moment, immediately took out the meteorite, there is a blood mark inside the stone, in his palm only the size of a fist, and before the strong and wonderful can not be mentioned in the same breath, "This is my ancestor, should be the first level of magic weapon, after my ancestor disappeared, one day I practiced in the family forbidden place, it suddenly came from the sky, fell directly into my palm, Pass on to me the profound meaning of destruction that my ancestors understood. From that day on, I knew that my ancestors were doomed. After a pause, Benny continued, "As far as I know, the eight bloodthirsty retinues all have magic weapons that echo the profound meaning.". You Don't you have it in your hand? Phelan, Liana and Cato looked embarrassed and shook their heads with a dry smile. There must be, but you haven't got it. Where should you hide it? Benny said earnestly. The three of them could not help looking at Shiyan. I don't know. Shi Yan spread out his hands, his face full of helplessness, and immediately moved in his heart, secretly contacting the blood stripe ring, and wanted to ask clearly. Unfortunately, after the blood stripe ring passed on the meaning of death to the blood demon, it spent a lot of strength and became dormant again, and did not give him a response. According to the Wraith, his memory is still incomplete, and he can't remember all the things of that year. Perhaps, when his memory is completed one day, he can give them more instructions and help. The Bloodstripe Ring is a relic of the master of the Bloodthirsty Eight Domestics. It is a very important point. It may have the deepest secret of the eight profound meanings of the Bloodthirsty Eight Domestics. Hearing what he said, the three of them were disappointed. Primordial level of magic weapon, for the same attributes of the warrior, enhance the power is not a little bit, now three people will have the power to challenge, once the corresponding magic weapon to find, combat effectiveness will definitely enter a new world,medium duty racking, to an incredible extent. With the help of the blood-colored giant shield and the cultivation of the triple heaven realm of the source God, Shiyan is able to resist the attack of the triple heaven Du Lin of the virtual God. From this point alone, we can see the value of the magic weapon.