Three hundred years ago, the fighting capacity of the ten kings of despair was all more than one hundred thousand. After three hundred years of practice, Shangguan capable people did not believe that their fighting capacity was only a dozen or two hundred thousand. Sun Wukong, they were super 1, super 2 and super 3 in just a few years. Those kings of despair were all amazing and enviable. Three hundred years of practice, even if it was not as exaggerated as in the Dragon Ball, Do you have a million? If there is a king of despair with a million fighting capacity in half a year, the fighting capacity of 380,000 of the above officers is really not enough to see. The superior officer frowned and finally felt the worry in the eyes of Leah and the others. He smiled confidently and said, "Don't worry. It doesn't matter if the king of despair comes. I will destroy them." "Really?" Leah didn't seem very convinced. Of course it's true. The superior officer patted his chest and said, "You must believe in your husband." Leah's little face turned red. "You …" You Don't talk big, hum! Leah immediately said to Lamond: "Lamond, you go to arrange the people, I will be there later." "Yes, my Lord Princess." Lamond saluted respectfully and went to arrange for the more than thirty clansmen. After they left, Leah turned to look at Shangguan Able Person. Shangguan Able Person also looked at her with a smile. Leah blushed and put her hands on her chest. "What are you laughing at?" She snorted. "You smile at me, and I smile at you." Shangguan Nengren laughed. Hum Leah wrinkled her little nose and said, "You.." If you say you can kill the king of despair, you must do it, otherwise. Or I won't forgive you. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 20 all the beauties gather together. "Don't worry!" The superior officer put his big hand on Leah's head and rubbed it. "When have I ever let you down?" Leah looked at the superior officer, that smile is really warm,automated warehouse systems, warm to Leah's heart. He lowered his eyes, and with a gentle sound, the clouds on his face were like sunset clouds on the horizon. It has been half a month since the precious agricultural products were distributed all over the country. In this half month, the Chinese people really enjoyed a happy life of delicious food every day. The foreigners who came to China for tourism were even more shocked by the delicious food in China. The food in ordinary people's homes was more delicious than the food they had eaten in the world before. It was unbelievable. When these foreigners returned to their respective countries, they also publicized the delicacy of the precious agricultural products one after another, and countless media had already sent the precious agricultural products back to China through the lens. People from all over the world saw that the agricultural products of the Chinese people were so delicious, and they also had a strong interest. Watching the people on TV gorge themselves like starving ghosts, these gringos are thinking: Is the precious agricultural products really so delicious? Once people have curiosity, they will have the idea of exploring and deciphering. Many foreigners who have the economic ability to travel to China have booked tickets to China. In the past half month, millions of foreigners have come to China to travel and taste delicious food. After eating, asrs warehouse ,metal racking systems, everyone is crazy. So in a very short period of time, governments around the world have heard the strong will of the people to introduce precious agricultural products, and even because Greece has introduced precious agricultural products in advance, people from several countries close to Greece often go to Greece to buy precious agricu ltural products, and after tasting them, they are really delicious. This has also made precious agricultural products more and more famous in Greece and neighboring countries. The strong will of the domestic people has made the governments of all countries move to introduce precious agricultural products, so during this period, the heads of governments and consortia from all over the world have gone to China. In addition to discussing the introduction of precious agricultural products, he also made good relations with the Chinese government. Since the American army was driven out of the Pacific Ocean, the position of the world hegemony has been tilted. Now it has become a situation in which the United States and China contend for hegemony. Of course, because of the national character of China, China will not harm the interests of other countries for its own interests, but the United States is not. The United States is for its own interests and does not care about the lives of other countries. The two different attitudes have made the world more inclined to the Chinese government. The US government has had a hard time for more than a year. Although the US is still a well-deserved hegemon in terms of comprehensive strength, the US has no ability to launch a war against a certain country. The war against Iraq has greatly dragged down the US military and economy. And with the 2008 economic crisis, the dominance of the United States is not as strong as before, on the contrary, China is still constantly improving its own strength and influence, one negative and one positive, coupled with last year's inexplicable fiasco in Diaoyu Island, which is even worse for the United States government. With the opening of the fishing shrimp island. It is attracting money at the rate of tens of billions of meters of gold every year, and although the money is superficially superior, the governments of all countries in the world know where it really goes, which also makes the world more optimistic about China. More and more countries have extended olive branches to China, and the emergence of precious agricultural products has given these countries a chance to show good will to China. In the last half month, the chief and the big guys were all happy from ear to ear. The center of the world has slowly tilted toward the sky, and precious agricultural products have negotiated a large number of export agreements. In just a dozen days, the Chinese government has completed the export of hundreds of billions of rice gold, and the government's income is also tens of billions of rice gold. Although tens of billions of rice gold is not much, but this is only ten days of harvest, if converted into a year? Ten years? The Celestial Empire is going to be very rich. The most important thing is that everything is as expected by the leaders, as long as those exporting countries taste the precious agricultural products, it will inevitably cause a devastating blow to those agricultural countries, and after the taste of the foreigners is raised by the precious agricultural products, the goal of China to rule the world through food will be achieved. Don't you dare not listen to me? Do not give you precious agricultural products, you will starve to death,radio shuttle racking, even if you do not starve to death, but also let your domestic people because they can not eat precious agricultural products against you, see how you can govern the country.