Found a person, Ren Qingyu is naturally to avenge the baby sister, but how to avenge this? It has to be said that he is not so brainless and bookless. It is a means for him to punish a person. Found a person, also know where he often haunt, Ren Qingyu under a trap, a person can lose nature, what can make people lose nature? Money, power, and poison books. When a person is controlled by a poisonous book, he will do something crazy that he can't control himself. When he does this, Zhou Hairan has lost his humanity. Zhou Hairan never thought he would touch this kind of thing, if not what said this kind of thing can relax people, and will not be addictive, he will not touch, but at this time, he has understood that this is not what he said marijuana, but the real poison book. Shivering, Zhou Hairan's face was pale and blocked in the place where he went to work. People passing by were startled by his appearance. He said to himself, "This is a hysteria ghost!"! How dare you come out like this. Others sighed and shook their heads, but sitting in the opposite cafe, Ren Qingzhao looked like a good show. He circled Ren frivolously with one hand, with a gorgeous and eerie smile on his lips. Ren Qingyu looked like this,Magnesium Oxide price, and Mo Xiaoran sighed in his heart, knowing that he was afraid of making a mistake. Fortunately, he was afraid of a big mess and followed him. If not, his heart would be hanging in the end. Don't go too far. Mo Xiaoran said softly that people always have to accumulate virtue, not for themselves, but also for their families. Ren Qingyu smiled faintly and looked at Mo Xiaoran with coquettish eyes: "If something really happened to the frivolous, would you still say that?" Mo family, after all, is not enough hate ah! Especially this generation of Mo family,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I am afraid that the Mo family will decline in the future. Mo Xiaoran was stupefied. He frowned slightly and said in a cold voice, "What did you say?"? I just don't want to make a big deal out of it. If I do, I'm afraid others will associate it with frivolity. "Lenovo is a fart, even Lenovo will think of me, not to mention, Ren's jokes are so easy to see?" Ren Qingyu snorted coldly, not talking to Mo Xiaoran. He bowed his head and said to Ren Qingrong, "Qingrong, eat this. My brother remembers that you love raspberries very much." Ren laughed wildly, scooped up a raspberry cake with a delicate spoon in his mouth, red lips, pink cheeks, a face of enjoyment, really fascinating ah! As for the conversation between Mo Xiaoran and Ren Qingzhao, Ren Qingzhao pretended not to hear it. She knew that the two brothers were all for her own good, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, but Qingzhao was also well-intentioned. If she opened her mouth, she would brush his face. She couldn't do it. It's not good for your health to eat less sweets. Mo Xiaoran looked at half of the cake has been into the mouth of the frivolous, softly reminded. Ren frivolous is clever, hurriedly put down the spoon, extremely to face. Ren Qingzhao looked at Mo Xiaoran with displeasure, but did not say anything. He just looked out of the window sideways. Then he raised a cold smile and said in a faint voice, "It's time for a good show." After listening to Ren Qingzhao's words, Mo Xiaoran also looked sideways, his eyes did not blink, the play! Everyone loves to watch, especially the free play, but he is watching the play while helping Ren Qingzhao to grasp the size. Outside the glass window, Zhou Hairan finally waited for him to wait for someone, watching what came out of the shop, Zhou Hairan hobbled past. He was obviously taken aback by Zhou Hairan's appearance. A look of guilt flashed through his eyes. Then he set up Zhou Hairan's arm and said, "Why are you here?" Zhou Hairan showed a tired and greedy smile: "He, do you still have that thing?"? Give it to me, give it to me. "No, it's so hard to buy. I had a lot of trouble getting it." He shook his head and said, his eyes fluttering. Zhou Hairan held He's hand tightly, with a tangled and painful look on his face: "He, help me. You must have a way. You can get that kind of thing at the beginning, and you can get it now." "I really can't help it. Don't come to me." He shook off Zhou Hairan's hand and dared not look at him. Zhou Hairan was stupefied, and then a crazy look appeared in his eyes. He looked at him ruthlessly, grabbed his body, and said in a deep voice, "Don't come looking for you."? Who did this to me? I tell you, get me that thing quickly, if not, you don't blame me for being cruel. Zhou, I really can't get it. "He looked at Zhou Hairan in horror, wondering where his body came from with such great strength." Can't get it? Ho, do you want me to drag you to hell with me? Look at me now, I'm not a ghost. Do you think you can just leave? Zhou Hairan looked at him crazily, pulling the nerve of reason has been slowly disconnected. Zhou, calm down and listen to me. There was a flash of fear on his face. You don't have to tell me anything. Bring me the things. If not, I'll let your whole family die with me. With a low roar, Zhou Hairan was ruthless and did what he said. He stared at Zhou Hairan with a crazy look. After a moment, his frightened eyes were replaced by a very fierce watch. He looked at Zhou Hairan ferociously and shouted, "You asked for it today. You want to kill my whole family?"? You look at yourself first and say it. Everyone is looking at their own weakness, and Zhou Hairan just words is touched he inverse scale, originally he also had the idea of Zhou Hairan sorry, but at this time, he has completely gone, his mind is Zhou Hairan with him to surround the girl, if not he took himself to do the wrong thing, he will not be reduced to now like this, all this is his own fault. You can't blame anyone else. You Zhou Hairan looked at him in shock and sneered. Anyway, he is like this now. He can't quit his drug addiction. It's better to die together. Anyway, he's ready to die together. What do you want to see? He watched Zhou Hairan put his hand into his arms and his eyes flashed a touch of panic. What do you think Zhou Hairan showed a smile like a fierce ghost,caustic calcined magnesite, and his hand slowly moved out of his clothes, holding a sharp knife in his hand. You're crazy. With a roar of surprise, he pushed Zhou Hairan away and ran desperately to the crowd.