Wei Zhongxian was actually in the palace, personally supervising the Western doctor to dispense medicine for Ming Xi Zong. Hearing the news from the little eunuch, Wei Zhongxian and the Ming Xi Zong brothers were going crazy. They couldn't believe that Master Zhang would do such a thing. In fact, for some reasons, Master Zhang couldn't tell Wei Zhongxian his plan beforehand. After hearing the news, Wei Zhongxian, who was worried that his godson would not be able to bring down the king, first complained incessantly, and then hurriedly called Shangke's assistant boxing to accompany the Ming Xi Zong brothers to the Imperial Ancestral Temple to check the situation. Zhang Yan, who was equally shocked by the news, also rushed to the Imperial Ancestral Temple with Ming Xi Zong and others. A look at the Imperial Ancestral Temple on the right side of the Chengtian Gate. There was already a sea of people outside the temple. Countless soldiers, civilians and civil and military officials in the capital rushed to the scene to watch the excitement. Tian Ergeng and Cui Yingyuan, the commander and deputy commander of the Royal Guards, personally led the Royal Guards to maintain order and prevent officials and civilians from approaching the temple. At the foot of the steps at the front gate of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, Master Zhang was dressed in a four-grade official robe and holding a memorial in his hand. Is kneeling next to a black lacquer coffin, toward the main hall of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, but this time no officials dare to risk their lives with Master Zhang, so Master Zhang is kneeling next to the coffin alone. Seeing this, Ming Xi Zong and Wei Zhongxian's master and servant, one was trembling with anger, the other was stunned, and then moved extremely. After all, the godson did so in order to bring down his troublesome political opponents. Long live our emperor, long live our emperor. In the kneeling voice of the landslide and tsunami, Ming Xi Zong walked through the crowd with a livid face and led Wei Zhongxian and his group to Master Zhang's side. Seeing Master Zhang kneeling respectfully beside the coffin, Ming Xi Zong was so angry that he shouted to Master Zhang, "Zhang Haogu, what are you doing?"? Carry the coffin to remonstrate with the late emperor, sell straight to invite loyalty. Is the couplet the kind of fatuous monarch who doesn't listen to harsh advice? What grievance do you have? What words do you have. Is it not possible to remonstrate directly with Lian? Why are you doing this. Where do you put the couplet? Do you really think that Lian is reluctant to kill you as a hero? "Your Majesty,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, you are not a fatuous monarch!" With tears streaming down his face, Master Zhang, the best actor of the Ming Dynasty, sobbed and said, "Your Majesty, you are a benevolent king and a wise king who was temporarily hoodwinked by a treacherous court official!"! Weichen did this today. I just hope your Majesty can wake up and hope that the spirits of the ancestors of the Ming Dynasty will protect my country for ten thousand years and destroy my treacherous ministers! "Who is the treacherous court official you are talking about?" Hearing Master Zhang's obscure flattery, Ming Xi Zong's tone slowed down a little. Master Zhang, however, pointed unceremoniously to the future Chongzhen and shouted, "Your Majesty, the treacherous court official I mentioned is him." Brother Huang, Zhu Youjian was scared out of his wits. He hurried to Mingxi Zong and knelt down on his knees. He shouted, "Brother Huang, Zhang Haogu is slandering my brother without any proof. Please give me a warning." Weichen is not wrong to believe the king. Your Majesty, please look at the reconnaissance records of these East Factory spies. Master Zhang took out a thick document from his bosom and held it in both hands in front of Ming Xi Zong. He said in a loud voice, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Your Majesty, in the past five days, King Xin has had many secret contacts with several court officials, as well as letters with local vassal kings, time, place and people present. All of them were recorded by the East Factory agent. Your Majesty, please investigate "Oh no, I've been taken in!"! This little castrated dog has been deliberately showing weakness these days, just to draw my hand, so that he can catch my handle. Zhu Youjian's face changed greatly and he complained in his heart. Ming Xi Zong's expression hesitated, saying that he dared not touch the stack of records. He could only say in a low voice, "Zhang Haogu Lian knows that King Xin has done something wrong in some places, and that he has violated the laws of his ancestors in some places. But he is always Lian's own brother. Lian really can't bear to punish him. For the sake of Lian, can you let him go?"? Take these things back first and go back to the palace with the couplet. If there is anything to discuss, don't do this. The couplet is not good for you. "Your Majesty, I kowtow to Master Zhang for the sake of your country, and I refuse to accept the kindness of Ming Xi Zong.". Ming Xi Zong had no choice but to wink at Wei Zhongxian next to him and signal Wei Zhongxian to come up and advise Master Zhang. Wei Zhongxian understood and hurried up to Master Zhang and said, "Good son.". You get up, our family knows that you are a good boy with both loyalty and filial piety. Everything you do is for the emperor and our family, but you have gone too far today. Let the emperor can't get off the stage. Get up. What's wrong with the collapse? Wei Zhongxian winked at Master Zhang and motioned to Di Huo to knock on the point. Don't get yourself trapped in order to get King Xin. When the time comes, Wei Zhongxian can't protect Master Zhang. Father, there are some words, for the sake of the emperor's face, the child can not say, but today if the emperor does not believe in the king, the child will never get up. Master Zhang answered with his neck in his neck. As soon as Hun Zhongxian was stunned, he really couldn't understand what was going on in his son's stomach. At this time, Empress Zhang Yan also came up and said to Master Zhang with a sullen face, "Zhang Haogu, don't go too far. Even if there is something wrong with King Xin.". But you don't deserve to die! If you really want to force the emperor to kill King Xin, then the only person who will die in the end will be yourself! Yes, Lord Zhang, you are too impulsive to do so. Ask the emperor to love again? Hearing the news, Zhang Weixian and Zhu Chunchen also came to persuade them. Zhu Chunchen also said with a pun, "Zhang Haogu, don't sell your loyalty here. Tell me honestly. Who ordered you to do this?" "What do you mean, Cheng Guogong?" Wei Zhongxian was not happy. Pointing to the Imperial Ancestral Temple, he said, "Zhang Haogu is my own son. Do you mean I ordered him to do this?"? The ancestors of the Ming Dynasty are here. If I instruct Zhang Haogu to say a word and a half, I will die a terrible death! "Grandfather Wei.". I didn't say it was you. Why are you in such a hurry to defend yourself? Zhu Chunchen gave tit for tat. Seeing that Wei Zhongxian and Zhu Chunchen were about to quarrel in public, Master Zhang suddenly raised his head. "You're right, Cheng Guogong," he said in a loud voice. "Someone ordered me to do this. But it wasn't Grandfather Wei who ordered me to do this. This man still knows your ancestors." "Know my ancestors?" Zhu Chunchen laughed. Ask: "Zhang Haogu, tell me, who ordered you to do this?" Ming Xi Zong, who was feeling unable to get off the stage, also shouted,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "Zhang Haogu, tell me, who ordered you to do this?" 。 sxthsteel.com