What are you doing? He's just a little boy! Pulled the paper amulet from his hand and immediately tore it up. Long Tianjiao stared at him furiously. He's not a child, he's a Yaksha! A race of ghosts and gods! For Long Tianjiao's obstruction, Jun Zimo was not angry, but calmly told the truth. Yaksha? Impossible, I can't feel any breath on him! "That's because of this black tower, which hides the ghost of Yaksha and makes it impossible for you to explore!" "No-he is a child!"! You trapped it and he didn't show his true colors? The Yaksha's original appearance is not like this at all! Long Tianjiao looked at the sound of the underworld worriedly and denied it again. I'll show you the truth! Then he pressed his finger on his mouth, closed his eyes and silently recited the incantation. Then the sound of the underworld cried out even more painfully, a face already painful distortion deformation, unexpectedly faintly revealed the black light! His gray hair gradually turned bright red. Don't-save me-sister Xiaojiao-you said you would always be with me- Stop, that's enough! Even if he's a Yaksha, he's still just a child! Stop torturing him! Let him go! He didn't hurt me! Long Tianjiao saw the facts, some surprised, and some heartache! She can see clearly the loneliness in the eyes of Ming Yin! In the final analysis, he is just a child who needs relatives! Wen Yan, Jun Zi Mo some inexplicable looking at her, do not understand what she is thinking. You're under his dementors, and if I don't come,hot tub spa manufacturers, you'll become his plaything! "Then there's no need to kill him!"! There's no one else here, so he won't hurt anyone if he lives! Let him go! Holding Jun Zi Mo's finger tightly, Long Tianjiao was unusually insistent. Why? People and ghosts are incompatible. He is a Yaksha ghost. How can he be released? Even if he begs, you can't let him go! Jun Zi Mo frowned and disagreed with her. You don't understand! Sympathy is what kind of feeling, more do not know what love is? But-I know, in my opinion-he's just a child who needs care! If you don't let him go, I'll feel guilty for the rest of my life! Please! Let him go! Long Tianjiao saw Jun Zi Mo Shen firm,jacuzzi manufacturers, can not help but anxious up, and the other side, the sound of the underworld has been forced by the curse of the whole body black, a red hair messy swing, is about to show its true shape. Jun Zi Mo-I told you to let go, did you hear me! Stop it! If you keep reading, he will die! Please- "" On that side, the sound of the underworld has shown its original shape, the whole body is black, the green pupil has turned into dark green, a lovely face completely lost shape, he looked at Long Tianjiao in despair, hot tub manufacturers ,endless pool swim spa, do not want to expose his ugliness in front of her! Jun Zi Mo's whole body was protected by golden light. Long Tianjiao couldn't get close to her at all. She was burning with anxiety. After reading the incantation, the paper amulet in his hand was filled with golden light and shot at the sound of the underworld trapped by the beads like an arrow! "No-don't kill him!" Long Tianjiao did not have any time to think, instantly rushed to the past in front of the sound of the underworld! "Well-" paper amulet into her chest, when the warm blood splashed and flew, not only was Jun Zi Mo shocked, but even the sound of the underworld in pain was suddenly surprised to stop struggling, a pair of green demon pupil staring round! In addition to the spirit of the golden light scattered into her body, because there is no magic and disappeared, then the paper charm also turned into nothing, but the blood on her chest dyed her white clothes like snow, like a bright rose blooming on her chest. Don't kill him-let him go- "This is the last sentence before Long Tianjiao fainted." Sister Xiaojiao-wow-you killed Sister Xiaojiao-she died-I don't want her to die-you let her come back to life-whoo- "After the surprise, the sound of the underworld began to cry like thunder, regardless of the tragic state of being beaten into its original shape, and kept struggling to pull up Long Tianjiao who had fallen to the ground.". And the side of Jun Zi Mo a pair of purple eyes do not blink staring at her, there is nothing in his mind, he now only feel the warmth on his face, it is the blood stains of Long Tianjiao, when he was shot by the paper amulet splashed on his face! The warm feeling was like a hot sword of fire splitting his heart, which was as numb as a stone! A feeling of heartache followed! The blood seemed to soak into his body, burning him, and the crazy pain made his whole body tremble! Why? Will you be afraid to see her fall down? Why is it that even the yaksha, who used to be a demon, is full of panic at this time, even more than his own death? He doesn't understand? All this makes him want to break his head and don't understand? But he clearly heard the sound of something breaking, as if it had been released from its imprisonment! You bastard! I want to kill you-revenge for the little sister-let me out quickly-I want to kill you- "The voice of hatred is like a flash of lightning, breaking up the chaos in Jun Zimo's brain!"! He hurriedly picked up Long Tianjiao and looked at her wound. Fortunately, he didn't hit the vital part. A strong feeling of joy jumped out from the bottom of his heart! Quickly bandaged the wound for her, and probed her warm chest, pointing to the gentle jumping feeling let him put down the worry in his heart! It's just that the white skin in front of him makes his heart beat faster again? The hot and dry feeling returned to the body in an instant! "Hey-you let me go quickly-you this goat, don't you light Pu Xiaojiao elder sister, she is mine!" Ming Yin did not continue to be attacked, he slowly restored the human state, but is still a face of hatred staring at Jun Zi Mo. Ignoring his clamor, Jun Zimo stretched out his left hand and silently recited a mantra, and the beads returned to his hand in an instant. You go-if you hurt people again, you will not be spared next time! Although he did not quite understand why he had released the Yaksha, he obeyed the will of his heart. Cut the crap-give me back my little sister! Or I eat you- "Ming Yin immediately rushed over as soon as he got free, but was blocked by Jun Zi Mo's aura and fell to the ground!"! Can't get close. Overreach yourself! Jun Zi Mo coldly dropped a sentence, picked up Long Tianjiao,endless swim pool, picked up the bird meat on the ground, and disappeared in front of the sound of the underworld! Ming Yin Qi stamped his feet in the same place, his face full of unwillingness. monalisa.com