The red stone did not spare me and could interrupt when he was talking to the merchant. It's either a very powerful person in Liuyun Pavilion, or an idiot who doesn't know etiquette. Will the merchant bring an idiot out? Naturally, he was a very capable person in Liuyun Pavilion, but he didn't know that I was not even a person in Liuyun Pavilion now. He probably thought that I had hidden the sign of Liuyun Pavilion. Turning his head, he said with a smile, "I wonder who this is?" The merchant did not know how to open his mouth for a moment. I smiled and said, "I'm Lin Yun. I was hired by a businessman to protect him. I'm not from Liuyun Pavilion." The red stone gave a cry. Nodding his head, he said, "I see. Brother Lin must be very good at martial arts. It's a pity that I've been busy with gang management and neglected to practice.". It's a pity to think about it. Chapter 211 Green Wing Bat King Wei Yixiao. "You're welcome, Master Stone," I said with a smile. "Your efforts are just so-so.". You can also go up the mountain to catch tigers and go into the water to catch turtles, which is very common. It's very ordinary. The red stone was stupefied. Then he burst out laughing and said, "Brother Lin is really modest." But instead of pestering him, he turned to the merchant and said, "Brother merchant, why don't you play more in Shenyang?"? It's all right for me to be the host next time. The merchant laughed and said, "No, I still have some things to deal with at the auction house. I'll bother you another day." Before the red stone could speak, the breeze stopped and said,outdoor whirlpool tub, "Merchant, don't be in such a hurry, right?"? The city of Shenyang is not an important place for military strategists in this game. It's not like you in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. It's the hometown of Master Jin Yong. You have a lot of writing here. You don't have much time to play here at ordinary times. Why don't you play for a while? The merchant hesitated a little, and the red stone said, "Yes, just playing games is tiring.". It's better to relax and steal half a day's leisure. The merchant shook his head with a wry smile and murmured, "Where are the days of leisure?" Although he said so,outdoor spa manufacturers, he nodded and said, "It's all right. Please ask the Stone Sect Leader to guide you." The red stone didn't say much, but the breeze stopped smiling. I looked on coldly. Even a fool could see that the breeze stopped looking at Lin Dieyu. Lin Dieyu looked impatient and turned to look at the merchant. Open your mouth to say something. And then shrank back. The city of Shenzhou was really huge. At this time, the Jin had been destroyed and all of them were occupied by the Mongols. Most of the players here were tall. The type with strong physique is also a native northerner in reality. Most of the girls coming and going here are also valiant and heroic. With Lin Dieyu such a southern beauty, no wonder the breeze stops this boy from pestering Lin Dieyu endlessly. The red stone chatted with the merchant and the empty eyes. Eyes always look at me, my heart is a little unhappy, if you see me look familiar, just say, just a game. And make it look like reality. There's nothing to say! Look at your pair of help, how direct, it is almost slipped to someone else Lin Dieyu body to be wiped, and then look at the pen holder and the chef. His face is not very good. The Sun and Moon Alliance is famous in Shenyang. It was safe and sound all the way, and the NPCs along the way were polite. From time to time, China spa factory ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, players will greet the red stone from a distance. I suddenly felt my hair stand up all over my body, as if there was a dangerous person approaching, and I looked around. But no one, the heart is strange, but only feel the wind behind the head, a conditioned reflex to shrink his head, only to see a flash of blue shadow, a strong wind from the top of his head. Can not help but feel surprised and angry. The green shadow turned over. He stopped on the ground and saw that the man's face was gray and bloodless. Sharp-mouthed monkey cheek. Extremely thin, Breeze stopped bowing forward and said, "Master, are you here?" The man nodded and said, "Yes.". There's one thing. But it will fall on you. "Master," said the breeze, "if you have anything, just tell me." The man gave a cry and said, "a young master suddenly appeared in Jianghu. Look at the way. It's a bit like the way of a religious leader. Go and check it for me. If there's any information.". Report to me as soon as possible. "Yes," said the breeze. Disciple, respect your master's orders. The man suddenly turned his head. Looked at me a few eyes, opened his mouth: "Boy.". Look, your flying skill is not bad. Whose disciple are you? I frowned. I am a member of the East Evil Gate of Peach Blossom Island. How can I be ordered around by you? Then he said quietly, "My flying skill is extremely poor. It doesn't matter if I don't say it.". He lost the face of his teacher for nothing. Suddenly the blue shadow flashed in front of me, and a slap came to my face. I was startled. This man's flying skill was so high. In a hurry, the internal force activated Lingbo micro-step and Sunflower Treasure Book. He turned sideways to avoid it. He only felt that the man's palm almost touched my face. His heart was shocked. With my flying skill, even if it did not activate Lingbo micro-step and Sunflower Treasure Book, When you meet an ordinary player, you are at least not inferior. Once the internal force is activated, even a first-class player can deal with it for a long time. This person's body is so fast that he is not under the five wonders of the Central Plains, such as the evil of the East and the evil of the West. The man was also very surprised. He stopped and said with a smile, "Good boy, it's really a good flying skill. Hey, would you like to be my apprentice?" I shook my head and said, "I have been a disciple of a famous teacher. I can't be a disciple of another one." The breeze stopped laughing and said, "Brother Lin, Wei Yixiao, the king of the green-winged bat, wants to accept you as an apprentice. Why are you still pushing and shoving?"? This is your chance. What? All the people in Liuyun Pavilion and I couldn't help but stay. This man was Wei Yixiao, the king of the green-winged bat? I was the first to recover from my surprise. I shook my head and said with a smile, "Thank you for your kindness. It's just that I'm not talented. It's really hard to obey orders." The breeze stopped slightly showing the color of contempt, but the red stone was thoughtful, and looked at me a little more surprised. Wei smiled and said, "Ha ha, your master is not simple either.". I'd like to see it when I'm free. I smiled and said, "The bat king is elegant,indoor endless pool, and he must tell me." Wei Yixiao turned to the breeze and said, "Boy.". Remember what I told you! I'm leaving. With a swing of his right hand, his body had disappeared without a trace.